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Collector Comments Corner

Dear Ann and Randy, Just beau-ti-ful!! I received Baby Shane today in good shape and...he is even more than my expectation!!! He is almost real! I am pleased with his bond hair: my other babies have dark hair so I had to get a blond one for a change. Sebilla has so much talent, it's amazing to see all the details...Also I like his knitted suite and the fancy woolen cap...and the "cute" and funny toyt he owns. It's my fourth Sebilla's baby, and so far, I was never deceived...I am very very pleased with Shane. HD, Quebec, Canada, 10-26-10

Dear Ann and Randy, I received Li Mei this morning and my heart is still beating at a pace where I know it's there - lol! This little Chinese baby made with Sebilla's loving hands and talented sculpting gift has once more left me breathless!! I am so in love with her from her sucky little lip to her unruly head of hair, so often seen on Chinese babies. Sebilla has captured it all. Her little homemade outfit is amazing also and suits her wee personality to a tee. I am so happy to finally have her home with me! This is why - this darling Li Mei - I keep purchasing Bos babies. Always a welcome surprise and an outpouring of love is what I experience, when I open a Bos parcel. Thanks Ann and Randy. Best, BM, Alberta, Canada, 9-28-09

Ann and Randy, Cierra arrived safely and I just adore her!! I cannot say enough about Sebilla's Babies, they are the best. I just wish everyone could hold one in their arms to experience the realism of her sculpts! From the expressions on their faces to the details on their fingers and toes and for me the proportion of those fingers and toes to the rest of baby's body to me defines Sebilla's talent! A totally PERFECT Baby! Thank you Ann and Randy for bringing Sebilla's Babies to us with so many diverse sculpts. Also Ann, for all the questions you answer with expertise and pictures sent so quickly when deciding which Baby to adopt and how to care for them! Ann and Randy you are the BEST! It is just so much fun and adds to the whole experience of that SPECIAL Baby arriving on our doorstep! I cannot wait to receive Eva! My first Silicone Baby! I hope it is Sebilla's first of many!! Diane K. 07-01-08

Ann and Randy: Skye was delivered to me at 10 o'clock this morning. She is absolutely perfect - was there ever a doubt - lol! Now this little baby is sweetness beyond. I know I have quite a collection of Bos babies but it never ceases to amaze me when I get my first glimpse of a new baby just how unique each and every baby sculpt of Sebilla's really is! Skye is amazing! I love her hair color - it truly is a strawberry blonde and a welcome difference to my other babies. Just to add - her outfit is gorgeous. What a lot of effort was put into the sewing of her sweet dress, bonnet and undergarments! She so suits the blue color also. Thanks you again to Sebilla and both of you for another adorable Bos baby. I am again so thrilled with her purchase. Best regards, Bev M. 07-07-08

Ann and Randy: Thank you, thank you!!  Faith arrived this afternoon and I am absolutely speechless!!  I cannot put her down or stop looking at her!  I expect her to move at any moment!  Sebilla's Babies are magnificent, the details on her face and hands and feet, her body so lifelike - Faith is just stunning!  She is the most realistic sculpt I have ever seen!  Thank you for bringing her Babies to us and giving us such a great diversity of sculpts to choose from!  Thank you for getting Faith to me so quickly and packing her so perfectly!  I love, love her!! Diane K. 04-25-08

Ann and Randy: Claire arrived yesterday evening and I am speechless....I would have written  earlier, but I have been too busy playing with her!! I love her, and I am now in love with Sebilla's Babies!! She is so well proportioned and her hands so expressive!! I have had more fun repositioning her, I just can't stop!! Thank you for packing her so beautifully and getting her to me so quickly!! I will be looking for more of Sebilla's brown eyed (my favorite) Babies!! I love Tilda, I just love her face and those freckles and her expression! Thanks for everything. I'll be back!!! Diane K. 10-26-07

Ann&Randy: I just received my Claire doll by Sebilla Bos, it is amazing how real it looks. She is so much more real than I thought she would be. I know she will be a lot of fun to dress and I'm sure a wonderful conversation piece. I have a Middleton doll that is 25 years old and at that time she was the most real looking baby you could purchase, when you put these next to one another it's amazing to see what a difference there is. I couldn't be happier with my new doll. Sincerely, Bonnie O., 9-24-07

My dear friends Ann and Randy: I have no words to say about my happiness! The most gorgeous babies in the world are on my lap just now and THEY ARE ONLY MINE!!!!!!!!! Thank God and both of you! I'm not able to describe what I'm feeling. My beloved and unforgettable father, who passed away in 1999, used to say that "where the words finish, the music begins". At this moment you have to be listening all the most beautiful heavenly music. OK, friends. I ask the Angels of Heaven for thanking you instead of me, playing and singing the music as only they know how to do. God bless you now and forever. Thank you for being in my life! Love, Cris M., 9-22-07, (Cris lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Ann and Randy...I received Baby Claire and I can't describe my feelings when I saw her. The pictures of her are so cute, but they don't even come close to how she really looks! I was speechless when I opened the box. She truly looks like a real baby! My husband was with me and he was absolutely amazed also. When I showed my 86 year old mother, I made sure I mentioned that she is a doll...! I don't understand how anyone can create such a realistic doll, but Sebilla has done so! Thank you!!  JF

Dear Ann and Randy, OMG!! Donna is so beautiful. She can now be the twin sister to my other redhead by Sebilla. I took the wrapping off so slowly and saved the wrapping around her head till the last thing. I wanted to savor how beautiful I knew she would be. I was so right. I love this baby and her outfit is so pretty. Thank you so much for getting her more me. Y'all make everything so easy and are so dependable. It's like having my own personal "doll shopper". There are a lot of companies that need to take lessons from you two on how to treat customers. Your the best!! Thanks so much. J.D.

From JD, 9/29/06: Hi Ann! Oh my goodness!! Just when I thought I couldn't be anymore in love! The first baby to arrive home was Nick! And his little face was too custe for words - and I LOVE his curly hair! I couldn't put him down! Later that day, Gianni arrived - and I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face...And now, I also have Lynne, who is ABSOLUTELY beautiful. I just can't stop looking at them!           I have been an avid doll collector for years - and these are my first OOAK adoptions! All I can say is that I could not be any  happier - all around! Sebilla Bos is a phenomenal doll artist! Her attention to detail is jut incredible!! My family and friends are truly amazed with lhow real they seem. They're all so entirley realistic, that I almost wait for them to move! There's no doubt in my mind that she makes each baby, lovingly....It shows on each of their faces...    And lastly, you and Randy are a doll collector's DREAM! The level of customer service you provide - the way you so carefully pack and ship the babies, etc., deserves the highest of praises! Your commitment to me as a colletor has earned by loyalty to you both!    Thanks SO much, for everything!   Hugs,    DJ

From Bev, 7/12/06: Hi Ann and Randy! I just want to thank you so very much for baby "Shannon"! She arrived today in perfect condition and I know a good part of that was do to the way you "lovingly" packed her! When I finally got to see Shannon, I was brought to tears! I have never seen a "Bos" creation up front and personal and no words could begin to describe my shock at how real to life she looked. What a gift Sebilla Bos bestows on us collectors! Thank you so much for providing this artists' dolls to the States and now for me in Canada. Its been a pleasure doing business with you. If the timing had been a bit better on my part I would have loved to have had "Jennifer" in my arms too as I'm extremely partial to blue-eyed, curly haired red heads - especially her "sculpt"! Lucky "new" mommy...but so am I!!! I need to savor the moments with Shannon. Again, my thanks to both of you. Regards, Bev

Hi Ann and Randy, I have the most beautiful doll in my house----Jennifer. Her hair is magnificent. I am so in love with her. Sebilla should really make more redheads. Thank you so much for allowing the layaway, although it was kind of short! I will definitely be back. I wish I had discovered the Doll Connection Store a long time ago. See you soon. Jo Anne




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