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Ann Won The IDEX Doll Retailer of the Year In 1997

    "In the last 30 years I have seen a lot in the doll business! A lot of things have come and gone. But a few things have not changed. I believe it is still very important to treat our customers with happy, friendly and honest service. I believe it is very important to have quality products that our customers will cherish for a long, long time. And I believe it is very important to treat our customers with honesty and integrity. These are the things I did in the beginning and these are the things I will be doing until the end. Randy and I are committed to our customers." Ann Day, January, 2015.   

If you can't say what our customers say about us about your current doll store, then you had better try us! Find out more, hit the Customer Comments button on the left or just hit the link, "Our Customers"

     We have created this web site keeping utmost in mind you the doll collector. Our goal is to provide a very soft, enjoyable, and pleasant store for you to browse and collect from and to build a group of loyal customers to serve long into the future. You will  find our store different from others you visit because we created a store that we would like to shop at ourselves. You will notice the differences. Save this web site to your Favorite List right now so you can easily come back. There is a lot to see here so you will want to come back again and again. Plus we will always be adding on with this and that and changing things around. 

    We want to show you that it does make a difference where you shop and you will find that difference at the Doll Connection Store. That difference is PERSONAL SERVICE. We want to earn your business and loyalty by being as courteous and respectful as all should be. If you are like us, you notice the lack of personal service in almost every shopping encounter you are involved in. You will find personal service here. We value personal service when we receive it and we know you will too. That is our promise. Please take a moment to read the emails and letters we have received from our customers. These are testimonies to our promise. Click on the customer comments button on the upper left of this page or just click here on COMMENTS. Thank you.

 We Offer Quality Collectible Dolls, Friendly Personal Service, Honesty & Integrity, Great Prices and 34 Years History of Service to the Doll Collecting Community.  "You'll Remember Our Very Best Quality, Friendly Personal Service To You With Your Doll Purchase Long After You've Forgotten The Price."- Randy 

The Doll Connection Store proudly guarantees your doll transaction.

We love to post your personal comments on our CUSTOMER COMMENT page. Just email us (Hit EMAIL) and we will. We would love for you to read all of our customer comments, just click on the button on the left labeled CUSTOMER COMMENT.

    We want you to get around with ease. On each page you will find buttons on the left side that take you to our doll artists, our order form, mailing list and Birdhouse Store. Plus there are links throughout that take you to different pages. 

       Our Order Form and Join Mailing List pages are secured for your protection. You will notice the little locked lock on your browser page denoting so. So please feel free to use then knowing that your information is protected.

    Also visit our Birdhouse Store! You will the button on the left. Special birdhouses have been chosen that will definitely pass the test of time! And in August 2004 we started The Quilt Shoppe! Ann's love of fine 100% cotton quilts resulted in us starting this store. And if you love quilts like Ann, you will have to visit us a lot and buy a new 100% cotton quilt at least once a year!


    We have a no return policy on all sales from this store with the exception of items damaged in shipping. You will be notified by mail or email of the approximate shipping time for your doll as each doll will be subject to a different delivery time. Each doll sold for over $300.00 will be shipped free of charge (unless specified). Each doll sold for under $300.00 will be subject to shipping costs. Dolls are shipped standard ground UPS unless you prefer another shipper. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, certified checks, money orders are acceptable forms of payment. Doll orders paid for with personal checks will be completed when funds have been collected at our bank.

    Items received by you which have been damaged in shipping must be reported to us within 2 days of arrival. Damaged items may be shipped back to us after you have been given a return number after you contact us. You must ship the item back to us within 4 days of your receipt of the item and after obtaining a return number. A replacement item will be ordered and may take the same time to receive as the first one. Your replacement will be shipped free of charge to you. Exceptions to the damaged return policy will be listed on the individual doll pages. 

Layaway Policies

    We offer layaway plans on doll purchases to help make doll collecting affordable to everyone.  Our layaway plan is without any cost to our customers. We have the layaway policy so that we can continue to keep our layaway without cost to our customers. 

    The layaway contract between the Doll Connection Store and the customer is as follows. The Doll Connection Store agrees to purchase the doll for the customer and to properly and safely store the doll until all payments have been made. Once all payments have been made the Doll Connection Store will ship the doll with insurance to the customer. The customer agrees to make all payments on time as agreed to either verbally or in writing until the doll is paid in full.  The customer is entering a contractual agreement to make all the payments until paid in full with no right of cancellation or refund. By entering into a layaway contract with the Doll Connection Store, the customer automatically agrees not to request a refund of payments made for any reason.  

    Our customers may pay in full at the beginning, pay half up front and the remaining half when the doll is ready to be shipped, or choose an extended monthly layaway plan for up to 12 months. 

    Our layaway payment per month is determined by dividing the price of the doll by the number of months in the layaway plan the customer decides from 2 months to 12 months. The maximum term of a layaway on a single doll purchase or a group doll purchase is 12 months. On group doll purchase layaways, the layaway payment will be allocated between all the dolls in the group based on the original percentage amount of each doll in the group to the total. You may pay off any single doll layaway anytime you desire. On group doll purchase layaways you may also payoff the group layaway or any single doll in the group layaway anytime you desire. On a single doll payoff in a group layaway, we will provide the balance of the single doll in the group for you to payoff. Payments must be made on every doll in a layaway plan. Prioritizing payments is not permitted, i.e., paying off one doll at a time in a group and shipping. This method extends the layaway plan beyond 12 months in most cases.

    We have a no cancellation policy on layaways. Failure to keep your layaway account current will result in the forfeiture of your payments and the cancellation of your doll purchase. Layaways payments are not transferable to other doll purchases.      

    We auto-charge credit card payers on the 5th of every month. Providing post dated checks for the future payments is also acceptable to save not having to complete and send checks every month. If you prefer, monthly checks can be mailed in. Receipts and a statement of account are mailed to the customer after each payment is posted to their account. If ordering on the web site, indicate if you want a layaway option. You may select the layaway option on the order form. 

    The Doll Connection Store only conducts 2nd party transactions. That is to say we only deal with our customer on payments and shipping. Payments from 3rd parties are generally not allowed unless approved on exception. Shipping to 3rd parties is not allowed.  


    The Doll Connection Store ships worldwide. Shipments outside of the United States are shipped with the US Postal Service. Shipments in the United States are shipped with United Parcel Service (UPS) or the US Postal Service. If payments are paid with a credit card, the doll has to be sent to the actual credit card address. If payments are paid with PayPal, the doll has to be sent to the actual address listed on the PayPal payments page. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to send to many foreign countries. Ask us if you live in a country we can ship to or not. 

    We only ship directly to our doll customers. We cannot send doll shipments to freight forwarding companies, i.e., addresses that list PTY accounts. 

Gift Certificates

    The Doll Connection Store offers it's customers and exciting way to collect dolls. Doll Connection Store gift certificates are also a way non-doll collectors can give the gift of love in a special doll by giving their loved one a gift certificate in an amount to make the doll purchase possible. Just call Ann or Randy and they will arrange your gift certificate purchase which results in a very nice letter being sent to the one receiving the gift certificate. For our foreign doll collectors a gift certificate purchase is a way to "lock in" an acceptable exchange rate you may find attractive. Again, just call Ann or Randy at 866-817-0795!


    Your business is confidential and will remain so at the Doll Connection. We guarantee not to provide any of your personal information to any other party anywhere anytime.

  Contact Us

    We are easy to contact. Send us an email at Or call us on our toll free  phone at 1-866-817-0795. If no one answers we may be with a customer or unavailable. Leave a message and we promise to call you back. Thank you very much for your loyal support. Best Regards, Ann&Randy 

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