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Tasha's Babies

One-of-a-Kind (OOAK) Polymer Clay Newborn Babies And

Full Body Silicone Newborn Babies

Dear Friends. We are very happy and proud to bring TASHA'S BABIES to the Doll Connection Store for all of our loyal baby customers. Ann & Randy, The Doll Connection Store. 

From Tasha: 

My name is Tasha Edenholm and I would like to take a moment to introduce myself and my "babies" to you. I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, near Seattle WA. My love for dolls started at a very early age. I became inspired by my European grandmother's doll collection. She had and still has dolls throughout her entire house. I started out collecting dolls but eventually that just wasn't enough. I always wanted to create my own. My passion was always for infants. When I came across the art of "reborn" dolls I was so thrilled, they were the most realistic looking baby dolls I had ever seen. I started making reborn dolls and did so for about 4 years. I do still occassionally make them from time to time or upon special request. My greatest love has been sculpting! I began sculpting my own dolls from polymer clay back in February 2005 and absolutely love it! My sculpts are handmade and are One-Of-A-Kinds, absolutely no two are alike! My babies have been sold worldwide and have created many happy new mommies! My very first two sculpts I made were purchased by Ashton Drake Galleries. I won first place in 2006 at Jack Johnston's Eighth Annual Prosculpt Scholarship Award Contest for baby Jessica, and this year I won 3rd place for baby Joey...who eventually was reproduced into a vinyl reborn kit. I am always striving to learn and develop new techniques to make each and every baby as realistic and unique as possible. Thank you for showing interest in my babies. Tasha.

From Ann, January 16, 2018:

Today we present the first pictures of Olivia, Tasha's newest PBS (partial body silicone) baby. Soft Ecoflex 20 silicone is used for the head, arms, and legs. A filled cloth body makes Olivia a lot lighter than her FBS twins and comes with a savings of $400.00 compared to the other FBS babies. Click on her button on the left to see her. 

Today we added another girl's hair example for your review. It is on page 5 of the Girl's Hair page and is number 45a and 45b. The blond hair baby is becoming very popular!

Today we added two new versions of Tea because Ann likes them so much, she had Randy put them on. Click on Tea then click on either Tea DBR Special or Tea Blond Special to see what Ann picked today. 

Earlier this month we premiered two new identical twin babies. Welcome Sleeping Cayden and Callie. They are twin boy and girl to Tea, Tristen, Tenleigh and Tiann. 

October we premiered Suri's twin brother, Sawyer! This boy is wonderfully handsome! Click on his button on the upper left side of this page and see Sawyer outfitted and styled in two separate pages! Order him today. Pick your skin color, hair color, eye color, and hair rooting/style from our pages on the upper left. Order your custom Sawyer today.

In September we premiered Layla's twin brother, Liam! This boy is wonderfully handsome! Click on his button on the upper left side of this page and see Liam outfitted and styled in three separate sets of pictures! Order him today. Pick your skin color, hair color, eye color, and hair rooting/style from our pages on the upper left. Order your custom Liam today.

See our brand new Suri and Sawyer full body silicone twins from Tasha. They are very precious and beautiful and were definitely delivered by an angel! They have an open mouth with a small tongue you can see. They are the twin brother and sister of Sophie. Please look at her pictures then call Ann to talk about her. Taking orders today. 

Customize Your Baby Order

Pick out your baby choice by clicking on the name buttons on the upper left and seeing the babies. 

Pick out your skin color by clicking on the skin color button on the upper left. Tasha's EcoFlex 20 Silicone Babies are available in Caucasian, Dark or Light Bi-Racial skin color, and African American color! 

Pick out the hair color and rooting style by clicking on either the Girls hair or Boys hair buttons on the upper left. See the enhanced hair and rooting/style pages for the boys and girls. 

Pick out the eye color by clicking on the Eye colors button on the upper left. 

After picking out the four items above, you are ready to order your baby. If you are still undecided after seeing all the pictures, you can see live videos of the babies Ann has on her YouTube page. There is a link to her page on our home page. We are making it easy for you. Right click on 'VIDEOS' then click on "Open In A New Window". Now you will have a window for this website and a new window for Ann's YouTube page. 

Pacifiers For Tasha's Babies

All of the open mouth babies by Tasha take regular full pacifiers. Malia and Micah are the only closed mouth babies and they come with a custom magnetic pacifier.

Tasha's Family

Here are the current members of Tasha's family.

  1. Twin brother and sister Layla and Liam.

  2. Twin brother and two sisters Suri, Sawyer, and Sophie, and now PBS Olivia.

  3. Twin brother and sister Malia and Micah.

  4. Twin group Tea, Tristen, Callie, Cayden, Tenleigh, and Tiann.

Once You Receive Your Baby

The Doll Connection Store does not send dolls out on approval. We work as hard as we can to have your baby made by the artist the way that you want her made. In most cases your requested customization is like one you see on our website so it is easy to duplicate. Sometimes your requested customization is like one we have never done before and the creation is outside of the normal requests. In either case, we make absolutely every effort possible to have the artist make your baby the way that you want. Please keep in mind that the artist is the creator, she is the one that interprets the information and transforms the concept to reality. In all cases it is the customer's responsibility to clearly communicate what they want and to listen to the feedback from us that it is correct. Once your baby is made and delivered, the adoption final. If you want something else done to the baby, we will consult with the artist and see if she would consider doing it. If she does agree to do additional things, the artist's fee plus round trip shipping cost will be the responsibility of the customer and will be collected in full in advance.   

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