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Ana Healey, Artist. The Doll Connection Store has had a working relationship with Ana Healey for years and years. Ana is a very special artist to us. In addition to being a superior sculpting artist, Ana is also a superior painting artist using canvas and oil paints. 








January 6, 2017: 

Today we announce the availability on one Baby Penelope Summer and one Baby Spice Awake. Please take a look at their pictures and call Ann if you would like to bring one of these babies home with you. Call Ann for all the details, 866-817-0795.

ALL OUR ALLOCATED EDITIONS HAVE BEEN ADOPTED.  CALL ANN TO BE PUT ON THE BACKUP LIST IF ONE OF OUR EDITIONS BECOME AVAILABLE. 866-817-0795. When or if we do not know. But your name at the top of the backup list is good, and it is free to do. From time to time Ana Healey allocates more editions to us. When she does this, she is not increasing the edition number, she is allocating more editions to the Doll Connection Store from her own personal sales. See wonderful pictures of Penelope Summer Full Body Silicone girl. Click on her button above on the left to see her. 

All Spice and Sugar babies (except the one listed above) have been sold. If you missed out on a Spice or Sugar, call and ask Ann to put your name on the backup list in case one becomes available. Important note: Baby Spice Asleep is made with the body of Baby Spice Awake. The two open hand version of Baby Spice Asleep is no longer available. The new version has one closed hand and one open hand. CLICK "VIDEO3" TO SEE ANA HEALEY'S PREMIE BOY "SPICE" ON YOUTUBE! 


Once You Receive Your Baby

The Doll Connection Store does not send dolls out on approval. We work as hard as we can to have your baby made by the artist the way that you want her made. In most cases your requested customization is like one you see on our website so it is easy to duplicate. Sometimes your requested customization is like one we have never done before and the creation is outside of the normal requests. In either case, we make absolutely every effort possible to have the artist make your baby the way that you want. Please keep in mind that the artist is the creator, she is the one that interprets the information and transforms the concept to reality. In all cases it is the customer's responsibility to clearly communicate what they want and to listen to the feedback from us that it is correct. Once your baby is made and delivered, the adoption final. If you want something else done to the baby, we will consult with the artist and see if she would consider doing it. If she does agree to do additional things, the artist's fee plus round trip shipping cost will be the responsibility of the customer and will be collected in full in advance.























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