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This page is devoted to the comments of our valued customers. The comments are received either from our toll free phone number or from messages received via email. We invite all customers EMAIL(just click on it) us to give us your comments. Thank you very much for your continued support.

September 20, 2023: Dear Randy, You are sure right Cooper (by Sandy Faber) is a masterpiece! I am totally in love with him!! he is now my favorite full body silicone. He is my favorite doll. And Iíve been collecting for 25 years. I love the coloring on him. I love his face itís so realistic to a sleeping baby. I love the way she painted him. I love the outfit he came in. I love all the outfits she included. And the two magnetic pacifiers. I could not be happier with baby Cooper. Heís lighter, then any full body silicone Iíve owned by Sandy Faber. And I love it! Heís the masterpiece of my Doll Collection. He will be cherished. Heís snuggling his little teddy bear right now. Thank you so much for everything you and Ann did to make my dream baby come true. It was an absolute pleasure doing business with both of you!!! With much gratitude, M & Baby Cooper. M.W - N.Y.,USA

September 1, 2013: Hi Randy, Meadow (by Tasha) made it home safely. She is even more beautiful in real life, absolute tiny bundle of joy. Thank you so much for the wonderful service. I highly appreciate it. I will be in touch soon to place my next baby order. Kind Regards, V.A. - Australia

July 31, 2023: Dear Ann and Randy, I just got Cash (by Tasha), OMG he is Soo adorable thank you so much for letting me adopt him!!! J.L.-NJ, USA

July 31, 2023: Hello Ann and Randy, Just a note to say 'thank you' so very much for my baby girl, Aiko (by Tasha). She really is adorable and has settled in just fine. I've attached a couple of photos of Aiko and my little Kassie whom I adopted a couple of weeks ago from Maria Lynn. Please let Tasha know how much I appreciate her work and that Aiko has brought me joy. Have a fabulous week! Regards, A.B. - FL, USA

May 3, 2023: Hi Ann and Randy, I just received my precious baby Juniper and I can't get her off my lap. You and Randy are so fun to work with and your layaway plan makes it all possible. As usual Tasha made a Beautiful baby Juniper. She is a wonderful baby and I love her. Thank You for all my babies and have a beautiful day. Sincerely D. T. - AZ, USA

April 18, 2023: Hi Ann & Randy, I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner. Received Baby Tea (by Tasha). She is beautiful! And she is a BIG girl!!! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your professionalism in handling this precious merchandise. Again, thank you! A. G-J - ONT, Canada

April 18, 2023: Hi Randy! I just wanted to let you know Remi arrived home!! She is absolutely stunning and I am over the moon with joy. She is truly something special. Thank you for allowing payments and a big thank you to Sandy for her beautiful creation. This sweet little girl will be treasured forever. And I am just beyond happy with her. Thank you so very much!!! She is absolutely perfect and a joy to look at! Yes, please post so others will know how wonderful you guys are and how perfect Remi is. I will come back and buy another baby from your store one day. Thanks again. C.R. - CA, USA

March 25, 2023: Ann and Randy, I just want to let you know that I received baby Oliver (Anthony) yesterday. He is the most beautiful baby ever. I haven't been able to put him down. Tasha does such lovely work. Even the request for his birth mark is absolutely stunning. I will definitely be ordering another baby in the future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. S.P. - GA, USA

March 15, 2023: Hey, Randy, I got baby Tristen (by Tasha) today like around 2:30. Soooo happy. He's just precious! Thank you so much! Awe so sweet. K.T. - IN, USA

March 1, 2023: Dear Randy and Ann, Thank you so much for all your hard work and help. I just received her (Meadow by Tasha) today, and.....Oh my goodness!!!!! She is gorgeous!!! I love her so much!!! Thank you and thank Tasha for me too. She does awesome work on her dolls and it shows. Thank you again!!! Love, your friend. J.F. - WI, USA

January 7, 2023: Hi Ann and Randy I just wanted to let y'all know Amber Irene Kelly (Baby Tea by Tasha) is home now she is safe and sound and I'm so in love with her. Thank y'all so much for everything and also I thank Tasha for making my baby so perfect. Tristen is so happy his sister is home......I just can't get enough of Amber and Tristen and I absolutely love the gown Amber came in.....I'm so in love with both Tristen and Amber and my family is in love with them as well. R.C. - NC, USA

November 7, 2022: Dear Ann and Randy, Olivia (by Tasha) arrived and I have never been so excited and happy. I can't stop smiling. I should never have taken her out and held her. I'm afraid my sister will be getting another gift for her birthday. She will not be getting this baby. Thank you so much and please tell Tasha, I love her!! S.M. - IL, USA

November 2, 2022: Thank you sooooo much Ann and Randy for all you do. I love my Nahla, I'm amazed at how realistic she is. Tasha is amazing and one my favorite artist. I love everything about Nahla, her armatures are awesome and she very poseable and being poured in one piece I absolutely like. Iíll be back for more Tasha babies. Hereís my YouTube video A.G. - MO, USA

October 17, 2022: Dear Ann and Randy, Thank you Ann and Randy for beautiful Cooper. Tasha did wonderful job. He is gorgeous! T.L. - CA, USA

October 5, 2022: Dear Ann and Randy, Iím in awe at how each of Tashaís babies come out more realistic. I love Tasha babies she is one of my favorite sculpt artist. She amazing I love my baby she is so realistic especially with the armatures in legs and her arms ( itís new experience for me ). Tasha made my baby the way I wanted from head to toe she looks like she could wake up anytime. This my 3rd baby from Tasha and I will continue to collect Tasha silicone babies. A big thank you to Ann and Randy Day for their kindness and for all they do. Thatís my box opening of Oakley, A.G. -MO, USA

September 8, 2022: Dear Ann & Randy, Iíve received my sweet baby boy (Cayden by Tasha) and Iím already in love! Thank you so much for being so helpful throughout the process. This is my first silicone baby doll and I couldnít be happier with him! Sincerely, M.S. - TX, USA

September 3, 2022: Hi Ann and Randy, I just love my precious Cora by Tasha. Thank you for your help with being able to make payments and all the other things you do to make it possible for me to have my wonderful and perfect little baby Cora. Tasha is fantastic with her babies. Thank you again for all your help. Sincerely, D.T. - AZ, USA

August 13, 2022: Dear Ann and Randy, Baby doll (Stormy by Sandy Faber) arrived perfectly safe & sound ???? sheís perfect!!!!! Sheís very much my dream baby & cannot thank you enough for letting me make payments & bring her home!!! Sheís incredibly real looking. Thanks again. J.F. -IN, USA

August 10, 2022: Dear Ann and Randy, I have waited so very long for this little bundle of joy (Luna by Tasha)! Thank you so very much Tasha, Ann and Randy! I love her so much. N.A. Ė TX, USA

June 16, 2022: Dear Ann and Randy, I love so much my baby Suri here .. She arrived last Thursday June 9 th 2022 ... I love so much beautiful baby Suri wonderful ... I am Awesome curious so softer baby smooth ... I wonderful precious baby love Tasha so very beautiful my baby Suri .. I love my baby already heart .. ?????? wonderful doll connection Ann and Randy Day .. Have a nice day also weekend !! Y.D. - MA, USA

June 10, 2022: I want to Thank You Ann and Randy again for My Special Baby (Tea by Tasha). She is absolutely adorable. I would also like to Thank Tasha for creating her special just for me! Iím in love with her already! I renamed her Angelise and my whole family loves her. F.O. - NJ, USA

May 31, 2022: Dear Ann & Randy, I received Meadow and Lucas. Adorable babies!! Tasha is the best artist out there. You two are the most professional, honest and easiest to deal with. Thank you for the beautiful extras you always add. As long as I can remember, all I wanted for Christmas was a baby doll that looked like a real baby. I have been collecting baby dolls for years. I always go back to Ann and Randy. Tasha's babies look and feel like real babies. Her dolls are my very favorite. I've never been disappointed with her babies. Thank you again for making this such a wonderful experience. I love you both. Love, M.B. - ID, USA

May 4, 2022: Hi randy & Ann! I received my luna (I named her gracie) asleep today! I love her, she is absolutely beautiful! Tasha does such a wonderful job on her babies! and I love her work! thank you Ann & Randy, for all you do! I look forward to getting more babies in the future! Thank You, K.H. - VA, USA

April 28, 2022: Hi, I'm happy to say that Little Meadow arrived safe and sound... She is adorable and am very happy with her. I love her size and the ball joint neck is so nice, not crazy floppy like some.. Thank you ever so much for everything and I am totally satisfied. Now I can go and play. LOL. S.J. - ONT, Canada. 

May 1, 2022: Hello Ann and Randy, I just wanted to send you an update on baby Tea. Renamed Imani. She has been an extra special part of my life. Thank you both again. I am attaching a couple pictures of her. I hope you enjoy them :) L.R. - DE, USA

April 17, 2022: Hi Ann, Thank you so much (for Baby Malia)! You and your husband are the best! I absolutely love your customer service. I will be back for another baby. A.S. - TX, USA

April 14, 2022: Dear Ann and Randy, My baby Miles arrived today. When I saw his little face he touched my heart. What a fantastic baby. Tasha did such a great job. The size is just right for cuddling. Randy and Ann always find the baby that's perfect. My Miles is Jacob, such a wonderful baby. My thanks to Tasha, Ann and Randy. I loved the video of him. Y. & K. W. - OH, USA

March 31, 2022: Hi Ann and Randy, Just wanted to let you know that baby Wyatt arrived a few days ago and is home safe. He's fantastic, thank you so much for the opportunity to adopt him! I absolutely love his silicone weight and feel. He's the perfect amount of softness while still feeling lifelike. I also adore the knit clothes he came home with. It was a wonderful box opening experience. He's a joy to hold and interact with. His expression activates my maternal instincts and I love how he appears to calm down from certain angles and with a pacifier. Here are some pictures of him adjusting to his new home. Please do not share these publicly, but privately is fine. I'm not sure what his final name will be but I'm thinking something classic. PICTURES ATTACHED: 1. beautiful baby 2. trying on some new clothes 3. happy to meet his kitty sister 4. not thrilled to meet his sili sister - lol! 5. the nap crew. Thanks so much! M.W -OR, USA
- Michelle

January 28, 2022: Iím absolutely in love with baby meadow (by Tasha). Iím keeping her name meadow. Tell Tasha she did amazing on her sculpting and painting her every detail. She looks real like newborn baby. This is one of Tasha best sculpts and she wears preemie clothes in case anyone else orders wants to know size of clothes. I love holding her she perfect weight , size and feels real in arms. Another thing is I do like the ball jointed head because easily turn head for more realism. Ann and randy thank you for the kindness, caring and comfortable transaction. You make it simple easy to understand everything thatís going on with your baby doll from beginning to end. Thank you crystal for cute diaper cover. Definitely be back for another baby. A.G. - MO, USA

January 12, 2022: Omg Iím absolutely in love with how my baby (Everly by Tasha) turned out. She was above my expectations. She was done exactly as I wanted and she is perfect in every way. Want to thank Tasha for the amazing work she does on her babies every detail was accomplished. I want to thank Randy and Ann for helping me thru the adoption process and how kind you were. Thank you for the cute stuff that was sent with her. Thank Crystal for me for the cute diaper cover set itís so cute. I definitely will be ordering another baby soon. It was the best experience I have had with an adoption of a silicone. Most trusting comfortable experience. Thank you so much for giving me a perfect silicone baby. She brings me so much joy. I included few pics of everly which is now Sofia in her new home. A.G. - MO, USA

December 28, 2021: Holiday Greetings Randy and Ann. We welcomed baby Luna (renamed Sadie), by Tasha, on Christmas morning. When I took her blanket off, I was so delighted. She is such a wonderful and precious baby. My favorite thing is baby feet. Hers are amazingly life like and sweet. I am so thankful that Tasha is a wonderful artist. Please let her know how much we love her. Randy was such a help telling me about this baby. Ann is always available to discuss a new adoption. Keith and are feel we were blessed to have The Doll Connection be such a reputable and helpful place to adopt babies. We both look forward to adopting babies in the future. Again, thank you both, K and Y W. - OH, USA

December 16, 2021: Ann & sweet baby boy arrived today. A day early! He is amazing. He is incredibly soft. His hair is very soft. He feels so real and I love cuddling him. Iím so in love with him. He is a heavy chunk. Lol! Thank you again. I do plan to get another baby in the future. He is now ready for bed. Good night from my little love Daryl Norman. S.D. - AL, USA

December 10, 2021: Hi Ann, I just wanted to thank you and Tasha Edenholm for such a job well done though there was a few bumps in the road along the way I am happy that they were all smoothed out in the end. I adore my Blue Eyed Angel Olivia. Thank your husband Randy as well many blessings to you and your families. Y.F. - CA, USA

December 9, 2021: I just love her (Malia by Tasha) too I want to Thank Ann and Randy and Tasha so much. Oh, plus I will make a video to show she is just beautiful too I did call but and I talked to Randy I fell asleep on the couch lol back pain all the time that's why I love having these babies helps my stress I just love you guys you guys are so wonderful people. M.O. - OH, USA

November 26, 2021: I got baby Micah (by Tasha) earlier today. He is stunning. Thank you guys so much for him. Tasha did an amazing job. Tell her I said thank you! S.L. - WV, USA

October 31, 2021: Hello Ann & Randy! So sorry itís a bit late but I wanted to let you know I received Baby Micah (my renamed Asher) (by Tasha) and he is so beautiful. He is a heavy boy! Thank You for everything & for all the extra goodies! Sincerely, L.L. - IL, USA

October 13, 2021: Hi Randy, I am almost speechless- all I can say is WOW! Aiko (by Tasha) is so incredibly created and so beautifully real! I am in love. Be rest assured, you will get my recommendation!! I am at my limit right now but you will probably be seeing me again in the future! Thank you for your open communication always. Unfortunately, I have a baby on order from another artist (ordered before Aiko) and have yet to receive him, while he has been paid off back in April. Very frustrating. Sincerely, M.B. - GA, USA

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August 25, 2021: Dear Ann and Randy, Oh my goodness!! I received baby Tea (by Tasha) today and she is absolutely amazing!! She is everything I imagined and more! Thank you all so much for creating my special baby girl. Iím so in love ??. I will be ordering her brother soon. You guys are so awesome! Thank you again! L.R. - DE, USA

August 25, 2021: Hi Randy and Ann, Baby Connor (by Tasha) arrived today at his new home in Australia and I was instantly smitten. From his cute curled toes to his gorgeous face I am in love. I am very, very happy. Thanks for everything. Kind Regards, T.M. - Australia

July 28, 2021: Hi Ann, Received Lucas/Louis today and he is adorable, thanks for extra gift. Tasha has done a lovely job on him, just love his curled up legs. Thank you for a precious experience. F.P. - England

June 2 6, 2021: I am so grateful for how happy you have made me with Baby Autumn (by Tasha, I feel so blessed. Thank you Ann and Randy. P.T. - FL, USA


June 6, 2021: Please allow me to introduce baby Milton...he arrived yesterday evening and heís just perfect! Look at his hair! Heís settling in nicely and taking his bottle like a champ! I just love him!! Thanks Ann and Randy! K.M.











June 6, 2021: Hi, I wanted to thank both of you (especially Randy) for taking care of getting me the bunny outfit for Archer by Tasha( Michael). It is absolutely beautiful and precious on him. I look forward to adopting Luna and other babies. Your doll business is the only place to go for beautiful babies and the best place to deal with. Again, thank you for wonderful years for adopting my babies. Sincerely, Keith and Yvonne

April 18, 2021: Hi Ann & Randy. I am so happy with my new baby Stormy. My twin sister and I received our beautiful babies last nite. Sandy Faber did a wonderful job making Stormy. We had a great time at the box opening. You & Randy are great to work with and always helpful. Have a wonderful day. Thanks again. Hugs. D.J & R.J. - AZ, USA

April 17, 2021: Hi Ann and Randy, ...I am so happy with my new baby Stormy from Sandy Faber. I can't get enough of her. She looks so real like a new born baby. Sandy Faber did a most beautiful job on making my new baby. I just love my Stormy. You two are awesome to work with and always helpful. Thank you for everything you've done for me. Have a wonderful day, sincerely D.T. - AZ, USA

April 16, 2021: Dear Ann and Randy, Nothing like Tasha silicone baby... They are just the best texture, feels just like skin, not sticky. And the movement is so realistic! Donít know how she does it but thereís nothing like it ! Theyíre Just beautiful babies. I couldnít be any happier with our Sweet Kenny (Archer awake). Heís just like part of our family, everyone has to give him a cuddle ?? we will always be grateful to Ann and Randy for all your ideas and help while ordering out little love ?? L.B. - NY, USA

April 10, 2021: Hi Ann and Randy, I have received Cora (by Tasha) she came last Thursday afternoon she is such a sweetheart Iím so in love! Took awhile but worth it! Till next time guys! Thank you!. Kind regards, A.I. - Australia

March 27, 2021: Hello Ann and Randy, Barack (by Angela Sutter) arrive safely today and he is just beautiful! Thanks again! S.N. - FL, USA

March 25, 2021: Dear Ann and Randy, I just opened the most beautiful baby boy, Archer (renamed Asher) by Tasha. He is so much more beautiful than expected. Randy was so knowledgeable and helpful. Ann and Randy do everything to help you adopt the right baby. My husband and me look forward to adopt more babies from them. Again, thank you both for always finding the perfect baby for our family. Y.W. - OH, USA

March 12, 2021: Dear Ann, I wanted to let you know I received my Beautiful baby Tea (by Tasha) yesterday, she is gorgeous. I'm so happy with her, what beautiful baby. I'm calling her Sophia Joy, because she is a true joy to me. Thank you so much for the wonderful box opening, the blankets are so soft and cuddly, for little Sophia. You and Randy were so helpful in helping me with my baby, you are the best, and I would most definitely buy another baby from you. I'll send more pictures, she is in her new pajamas, and Bassinet I bought for her, she is Precious! L.M. - OR, USA

March 6, 2021: Dear Ann, I got her (Margarete by Zwergnase) on Wednesday night, I didn't know UPS delivered at 9pm, but she made the trip perfectly and she is so beautiful!! I am so happy with her and I appreciate the layaway otherwise she would not be here. Thank you both so much and I look forward to more dollies from you. Kindest Regards, K.S. - AR, USA

January 26, 2021: Dear Ann and Randy, This was the easiest pregnancy I've ever had, but the waiting was nearly intolerable. And oh my! You had her (Autumn by Tasha) on Friday and she was delivered to me in her box on Monday morning at work! The most excruciating 12 hours I spent delivering mail and parcels in pouring cold rain wanting to get home and clean before opening that box. I wanted to do a box opening video but was just too exhausted. Cut to the chase..SHE IS THE MOST PERFECT, BEAUTIFUL LITTLE substitute grandchild. Even my Hubby is amazed! I love her. Tasha did a wonderful job making her look so lifelike. You have a gem in that one! Thank you so much for the best customer service! I will show her off and you all will probably get more business from this area. Love you, D.W. - IN, USA
P.S. I'll send photos this weekend if I'm still alive.

January 13, 2021: Dear Randy and Ann, We Received Precious Baby Conner (by Tasha) today!! Thank You Beyond Words For All!! We Are So Happy!! He is Perfect!! I Read All The Paperwork and I Thank You For That, As It Explains Everything. How Very Kind Of You To Include So Much Information. I Love All The Extras Along With All He Arrived With!It Has Been a Real Pleasure Getting Our Little Bundle Created With You Two and Tasha! Be Sure To Let Tasha Know We Are More Than Grateful and Thankful For Our Baby Conner! He Will Forever Be Loved!! Thanks Again!! Sincerely, S and J, - MN, USA

January 13, 2021: Dear Ann, My sweetest baby ever! Kenny, AKA Archer (by Tasha) awake. I just love to snuggle him when heís in his jammies ????. Canít thank Ann and her hubby Randy enough for all the help they gave me through the process of my first silicone baby. Also for their payment plan that made it possible. Without you guys I would have never been able to experience this little love ?? Tasha, youíre an amazing artist! Thank you ! N.M. - NC, USA

December 16, 2020: Ann and Randy, I'm doing a happy dance today as Bobby (by Sandy Faber) finally arrived! I've decided to name her Charlie, as I'm going to be dressing her sometimes as a boy and sometimes a girl. I'm so happy Charlie is here in time to be with us for Christmas??. I have some Christmas clothes I will be dressing Charlie in. I'm so happy with how Charlie turned out I'm very much in love!!. S.F. - WI, USA

December 16, 2020: Dear Ann, Oh Ann.....he (Tristen by Tasha) is much more than I EVER expected! His hair color is PERFECT. It had to be the lighting....please tell Tasha, her work is sheer perfection!! Thank you so much....MA.J. - OH, USA

November 13, 2020: Ann, Omg ! I just love him (Archer by Tasha) and I canít thank you and Randy enough! Iíve never worked with such wonderful, competent, people like you guys! The customer service is just outstanding! Itís sad to say we all have to worry about scams now a day. But rest assure your company is the absolute best! Not only are you both professionals, but youíre fun, loving, good people! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! D.L. - NY, USA

October 16, 2020: Dear Ann and Randy, Archer (by Tasha) arrived about half hour ago. He is perfect! I canít thank you and Tasha enough. It has been a pleasure working with you. L.C. - AR, USA

October 13, 2020: Dear Randy, Ann and Tasha, Sawyer was on time (to Puerto Rico). He is perfect. He meets his new family. I am very happy with him. His details and weight are perfect, he is like a real baby. Thank you very much for him. Z.P. - Puerto Rico

October 13, 2020: Hi Ann and Randy, I received Olivia (by Tasha) and she is absolutely stunning and so realistic. Tasha is the best at silicones at least I think she is gorgeous I canít even explain it. I was scared to order a custom because I thought it might not look the way I wanted her to but she was even better then I imagined, she is so perfect. Thank you so much. I hope I will order another silicone from Tasha. Thank you so much again! M.K. - NY, USA.

October 5, 2020: Hello Ann & Randy, Just wanted to express how happy, amazed, overjoyed I am to finally have my sweet baby boy (Sawyer by Tasha) home safe and sound!! He's such a beautiful baby, I love him so much!! His realistic features are so amazing!!! I am one happy mommy and so in love with him. Thank you both so much for making me one happy mommy with this amazingly beautiful realistic baby boy of mine!! A.W. - VA, USA

September 3, 2020: Hi Randy and Ann! Just got my cute little Cora (by Tasha). She is beautiful. Her hair is so soft and she so cuddly. Her complexion is absolutely precious. Please tell Tasha thank you for making such a gorgeous baby for me! Thank you! K.G. - FL, USA.

July 30, 2020: Dear Ann and Randy, I just wanted to let you know baby Cora (by Tasha) arrived safely and I cannot say enough about the presentation, the quality of the baby and your wonderful customer service. I will cherish her! Thank You! M.D. -NY, USA.

July 16, 2020: Hi Randy, At last I received baby Noah (by Tasha). He is gorgeous. Thanks you for extra crochet set, Much appreciated. Thanks Tasha for beautiful painting and smooth silicone. Love his hair. Thanks for everything. Hugs, F.P.-UK

June 12, 2020: Good morning Randy and Ann!! I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my Suri! (by Tasha)! Sheís just beautiful and I love everything about her! I decided to name her Macey and she is the fraternal twin to my Tea whose name is Morgan. They are just lovely together! If you remember, I adopted Tea from a very nice lady so Suri was my very first custom baby. I normally adopt babies that are already made because Iím very afraid of being disappointed. But Iím head over heels with Suri. Thanks so much for all of your help and I will actually be placing an order for Cora (or maybe Connor) next week! I have attached a few pics and I will be uploading the box opening on YouTube at noon. Please take a look!❤K.M.-MD, USA.️

May 13, 2020: Dear Ann & Randy, Yes! I received my beautiful baby boy (Tristen by Tasha)! And I have never been so in love , I have also never cried (in a good way) so much ever! I cannot express how happy and thankful I am. I have yet to put him down. I again thank you both from the bottom of my heart! & I will soon be ordering again! C.A. - PA, USA.

May 12, 2020: Dear Ann and Randy, I would like to thank Ann & Randy Day and Tasha for my handsome little boy (Micah by Tasha). I am so in love with him! He turned out more beautiful then I could ever imagined!. M.N. -PA, USA.

May 8, 2020:  Hi Ann and Randy, I received Roxy (by Sandy Faber) yesterday. I'm so happy to get her. She is adorable and looks and feels real. I can't get enough of her. Sandy did a wonderful job of sculpting and painting this beautiful little baby. Thank you for all your help making it possible for me to have all my beautiful babies. Sincerely, D.T. - AZ, USA.

March 27, 2020: Dear Randy, I received my beautiful Suri (by Tasha) this morning and I just wanted to say thank you to you, Ann and Tasha. L.R. - MD, USA

March 27, 2020: Hello, At some point within the last 10 years I was able to purchase "Nane" by Angela Sutter and "Saydee" by Maja Bill both are special in their own ways. Due to your reasonable payment plan, I was able to add both dolls to my family in time. They are the most expensive dolls in my collection above my Annette Himstedts and even my resin ball joint dolls. Certificates, as well as, photos being included with the dolls made my experience even more worth while. The customer comments being posted after purchase made me feel extra special. Thank you for being online and offering doll selections unique in the doll industry. I am very much appreciative of everything. K.W.

March 23, 2020: Dear Ann and Randy, I received my precious Micah (by Tasha) yesterday. He is absolutely adorable and I love him so much! Thank you for everything and thank you for the extras! I really appreciate the help! K.C. - MO, USA

March 13, 2020: Dear Ann and Randy, I received my anticipated Micah (by Tasha), and heís everything I could have hoped for and more! I just wanted to say thank you for everything. B.R. - IL, USA

February 25, 2020: Dear Ann and Randy, I wanted to personally thank you for my daughter. October 2018 was when she was delivered to my 11 year old daughter. I was told by many people they would not sell my daughter a baby because my daughter wasn't "mature" enough. My daughter is mature for her age because of the way I raised her. She has taken care of that baby like it's real even now she is 13 she does not let her friends touch it. When someone judges a child off their age it shows ignorance and I'm grateful you allowed her to show her maturity and buy one. She still to this day loves it and nurtured it without ever having an incident. I've had some pretty nasty words from people who got mad when I talked about my 11 year old getting one...things like "she's not old enough and would destroy it I would NEVER sell to you, don't try to buy one for an 11 year old they aren't mature enough to handle a silicone baby" I'm so glad I don't have people like that in my life circle although I would still embrace them to show them right from wrong but your company is a breath of fresh air. T.C. - IN, USA

December 22, 2019: Dear Ann and Randy, Hello just want to say I received my baby tea wow I canít put her down just beautiful Iím now thinking I might get a boy thank you so much Ann Randy and Tasha I just adore her Iím putting my box opening on utube soon wish you all a merry Christmas lovely doing business with you xxx. R. E. H. - Australia

November 27, 2019: Hi Ann and Randy! I just watched the video of my beautiful babies! Thank yíall so much for being so patient with me on all the details! Iím so excited to see and finally hold them! They will help while Iím recovering from my knee replacement in December. Layla and the rest of the ďShe-shedĒ babies will be so happy to meet them! Big Smiles from me and my Grand Girls ?????? Iím looking forward to seeing what Tasha is creating next! You both have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Take care! N.M. - NC, USA

October 20, 2019: Dear Ann and Randy, I received baby Micah (by Tasha) today and he is perfect! He is absolutely amazing in all his detailing that Tasha gave him. I am beyond happy with my new Prince! Thank you so much Ann Randy, and Tasha for making my dream baby come true! N.T. -NV, USA

October 8, 2019: Ann, Randy, Tasha and Crystal, I received my Tristen today safe and sound in his new home. Words cant say enough about this baby. He is much more then I expected. He looks so real and the silicone is magnificent !! The hair rooting is wonderful . He is so cute and so glad I chose to request him when I saw he was available. Thank you so much for all the goodies and for the opportunity to receive this baby. Crystal , you have an amazing talent, I wish I could crotchet like you. The diaper cover and hat are amazing and he looks so cute in them. Thank you for everything you are 4 amazing people and so easy to purchase from P.H. - NV, USA

October 2, 2019: Dear Ann and Randy, Received Baby Tristen (by Tasha) today. Could not be more pleased with this doll. He is absolutely gorgeous. TYSM. B.W. - MO, USA

October 2, 2019: Hi Ann and Randy, I just received my incredible baby boy Micah (by Tasha). She did a beautiful fantastic job making my baby. He looks awesome! I will enjoy him forever! Thank you so much for all the goodies that came with him. You both are so wonderful and helpful in allowing me to have such an amazing baby boy. Thank You so much. D.T. - AZ, USA

August 12, 2019: Hi Ann & Randy. We received Baby Billy (by Sandy Faber) yesterday. She was delivered 4 minutes before we got home. I was very surprised she arrived so soon! She is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen! Simply amazing and beautifully done! Sandy did a magnificent job! I love all of the accessories that came with her! Please be sure and thank Sandy Faber! Thank you for letting me do the layaway you have been awesome! I saw Roxy on my phone. How much is she? You never know? Have a wonderful blessed day !! Many hugs to both of you, D. J. - AZ, USA

July 18, 2019: Hi Ann and Randy, I just received my Layla (by Tasha)! Oh my God, she's beautiful!!!!!!! She looks and feels like a real baby!!!!! And the gifts you sent with her are so special and mean so much to me. Thank You Thank You Thank You.....I will send you pictures as soon as I figure out what outfit I want to put her in. I read the information you provided so I don't want to go all crazy and try on a gazillion outfits at once. But she's going to look awesome no matter what I put on her......I am so thrilled with her; she is more than worth the wait. Tasha does such an amazing job - what a talent she has. And now I'm lucky enough to have one of her babies. You are both so wonderful to work with and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. God Bless You! B.J. - GA, USA

July 11, 2019: Dear Ann and Randy, Got her (Tea by Tasha) today...she is amazing. My husband and I love her already! Have tons of photo shoots we are planning to do but here is a quick few photos of her we took right after the unboxing...K.J. -AR, USA

July 7, 2019: Dear Ann and Randy, Tea (by Tasha) arrived yesterday afternnon and I am so pleased! She is stunning! Tasha did a wonderful job with every detail. If anyone asks where I got her I will mention your store. I hope to one day work with both of you again. You made it so easy. T.C. - IN, USA

July 1, 2019: Dear Ann,  I got home today from my vacation and opened him (Micah by Tasha) up. Wow, he is better then I expected him to be. I am absolutely in love with this little guy (I named him Jack) and well worth every penny and the wait. I canít put him down. Even my husband, who this is not his thing, had to admit, this one is simply too real looking. The silicone is so soft and real feeling. All I can say is WOW. Seriously, you guys please tell Tasha how happy we are and she is a true artist. Thank you Ann for making this a dream come true with him. C.M. - Elgin, MN

June 24, 2019: Dear Ann and Randy, Ava (by Tasha) just arrived. She is the cutest baby I have ever had!! She also feels so lifelike, and her silicone is just silky smooth. She is nicer than dolls I have spent thousands more for. J.D. - SD, USA

June 13, 2019: Dear Ann and Randy, Baby (Micah by Tasha) arrived yesterday and he is perfect! He looks so real! Thank you so much for all of the special surprises you included as well!! We really appreciate everything and will cherish this baby forever! Thank you again so very much for this special baby!!
B & M - Austin TX, USA

April 24, 2019: Just wanted to say thank you. Received Suri (by Tasha) just when you said. Perfect condition. Would highly recommend Doll Connection. From a very satisfied customer. B.W. - MO, USA

April 22, 2019: Dear Ann and Randy, Just wanted let you know that baby Micah (by Tasha) arrived today and he is perfect. Thank you both so much. I am the happiest girl on the planet. Thank you! T.M. - NC, USA

April 22, 2019: Hi. Thank you so much for baby Liam (by Tasha). He is absolutely gorgeous. Also thank you for care instructions, we will definitely follow them. Also we love all his accessories and his beautiful baby blanket. Thank you so much again Ann, Randy and Tasha Edenholm. Luv from M and P G. - UK

April 17, 2019: Hello Ann and Randy, Yvonne asked me to send the email, because she can't put Angelina (by Olivia Stone) down. She is a beautiful baby and Yvonne got tears in her eyes when she first saw her. I always get to open the babies and see them first and give them a kiss to welcome them to the family. Yvonne says she is more wonderful than she expected. She had to undress the baby and check every part of her perfect body and then brush her hair. I imagine Angelina won't be put down until she gets put to bed tonight. Thank you very much for being such great doll people and helping us to get a baby who goes better with our family. K.W. -OH, USA

April 11, 2019: I just received my beautiful baby Malia by Tasha. This is my first FBS and she exceeds my expectations!  She is beautiful and scrumptious!  I have changed her name to Erin as she looks like my daughter at birth. Thank you. H.O. - MT, USA

April 8, 2019: Hi! I want to thank Ann and Randy Day, from the Doll Connection, for a beautiful baby! Her name is Summer Illyria, AKA, Penelope Summer. Summer came home last evening. Summer is a beautiful silicone, soft and cuddly baby sculpted by Ana Healey. She is so beautiful! This is my second silicone baby from Ann and Randy. I found them to be very nice and patient with me. I want to say thanks to Ann, Randy Day, and Ana Healey for a lovely beautiful baby. J.B. - MD, USA

March 18, 2019: Dear Ann and Randy, I cannot say strongly enough how very beautiful Stephanie (by Angela Sutter) is! She is truly a little snow princess - so dainty and exquisite in her fine details. Thank you so much for bringing Stephanie to the United States so I could adopt her! C.B. - KY

March 9, 2019: Dear Ann and Randy, I am so sorry that it has taken so long to send you this note. I got SURI on the 26th last month. I am completely in love...Also I would like to say thank you all for your kind and professional service. I Love love her so. Sincerely, J.A. - CA

March 7, 2019: Dear Randy, I've just received my package this morning ! My god, baby Tristen is gorgeous, more than I could imagine! Thank you so much for the fantastic work done , I just can't believe it! There is no word to explain how glad I am ??. Take care. All the best. C.L. - France

My first FBS Nala arrived yesterday... Iíve been waiting on her for 11 months... time went by fairly fast. Thanks so much to Ann Day of Doll Connection Store. Tasha did a phenomenal job with ďMaliaĒ. Iím totally pleased! Thanks so much Ann... you and your husband Randy made this the most pleasant experience. I appreciate your professionalism and the beautiful packaging of my princess! She is more than I imagined. S.F. - CA

February 2, 2019: Dear Randy & Anne I received my Tristen he is more beautiful in person. Thanks for your professional business! A.R. - NY

January 31, 2019: Hi Ann and Randy, My beautiful Malia (by Tasha) came today she is perfect and I am so very pleased with her thank you again. Love from A. H. - England

January 27, 2019: Hello Randy and Ann, What a delight it has been to receive my long awaited Suri by Tasha. What a lovely little chunk she is! Thought Iíd send a few photos of her all ďdolledĒ up. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Iím tickled pink with my new baby, who I named Rylie Nanette, the middle name in honor of my late sister. Thank you again!! M. M. - OR

January 23, 2019: Hello Ann and Randy. I received Suri (by Tasha) on 01/17/2019 and when I opened that box up, I was in awe. I mean she was well worth the wait and well worth the price. I just love, love, love this doll. Everything about her is so beautifully done. I spent the whole weekend just holding her then putting her done then picking her up again and so on and so on. Those little feet of hers is so precious and those fingers feel so real. Beautiful veining and the dark bi-racial tone is magnificent and her hair is so soft but I let it alone for 2 days before I fluffed it out and she is so gorgeous. Please tell Tasha for me that she has done a beautiful job and she is a very, very talented artist and I will recommend her and THE DOLL CONNECTION STORE to any and every one. Thank you so much for your services, you and Randy were all ways so nice and patient when I would call with any changes or decisions I would make. Ann I thank you and I will be ordering Sawyer in the near future. S.B. - MD

January 12, 2019: Hi Randy, Want to say thank you for my baby (Suri by Tasha) I received today and sheís so beautiful!! I love her. Thank you Ann and Randy and Tasha that made my beautiful baby. Y.G. - IL

December 28, 2018: Hi Randy & Ann, I received my Layla (by Tasha) yesterday. She is absolutely gorgeous. Been cuddling with her since she got here. You made my the purchase of my first silicone baby a wonderful experience. You are a joy to work with. Thank you so much for allowing me to adopt one of your amazing artists babies. Sincerely, S. A. - NH

December 26, 2018: Hello Randy and Ann, I opened Micah (by Tasha) yesterday, I had anticipated him since August. This baby is so wonderful! I have to put him down to eat or do other things after that, I pick him up to hold and cuddle. Please tell Tasha what a wonderful baby Micah is and how he has a home that loves him. She is a very talented artist. I look forward to adopting more of her babies. Thanks so much for all your efforts and time you take to help me adopt these precious babies. I am holding baby Micah now. I want him to know how much he is loved. The things you sent were beautiful and much appreciated. We hope you both have a very Happy New Year. I look forward to the new year, with my beautiful baby boy and the other babies. Y. W. - OH

November 30, 2018: Hi Randy, My beautiful, breathtaking Layla (by Tasha) arrived today and she is perfect! Thank you so much for making my first silicone baby such a wonderful experience. I off to cuddle. Sincerely, B.T. - M.A.

November 13, 2108: Dear Ann and Randy, My baby has arrived (Tiann by Tasha)! Thank you guys! He is so adorable and beautiful! And the details are phenomenal, Tasha did a great job! Tiaan is so beautiful, thank you guys! He reminds me of my still born baby?? Once again it been a pleasure! Cheers! Hereís a video of his box opening: Regards, A.R. - Australia

October 24, 2018: So Happy, We received our Malia (by Tasha) baby! What a perfect addition to our family. She is better than we could have imagined. Great job all around. We got to watch the video and and everything. What a well put together way to do business. We made payments, chose what we wanted, received great delivery time. You ALL are very much appreciated. Thank you. We would refer anyone that is considering ordering through the T.C.-Indiana

August 24, 2018: Dear Ann and Randy, Noah (by Tasha), now Jonathan ( Jonty), arrived safe and sound in Australia he is a gorgeous little boy and I love him very much thank you and of course Tasha for my little man best wishes. J.E.-Australia

August 13, 2018: Dear Ann and Randy, Ann and Randy, Suri (by Tasha) is so beautiful! Sheís exactly how I wanted her! Please give my thanks to Tasha for such a gorgeous baby! I love her so much!! Thank You again for allowing me to be your customer! You are the best! V.G.-Alabama

August 3, 2018: Dear Ann and Randy, I want to thank Ann Day, and the artist Tasha, for this beautiful baby boy (Sawyer by Tasha). This is Sawyer Jackson. He arrived today; very beautiful and no flaws! He is resting now, very tired from his trip. This is just the beginning. J.B.-Maryland

July 25, 2018: Dear Ann and Randy, I just opened my box and as usual very pleased. Baby Tea (by Tasha) is beautiful and I could not be happier with my purchase. Thanks for giving me my money's worth every time. Nice to know there are still reputable companies around! T.P.-Alabama.

July 8, 2018: Dear Ann & Randy, I received my Layla doll by Sandy Faber and I just love her. Sandy did such a wonderful job, she is truly talented. I want to thank you, Ann, and Randy for your kind and friendly service. Also thank you for allowing me to pay over time. Best Wishes, Sincerely, L.T.-Michigan

May 10, 2018: Dear Randy and Ann: I just had to write and tell you I received my baby Tristen yesterday and I am so impressed with the quality of the silicone and beautiful paint job. Tasha did an excellent job on this baby! She is obviously a very talented artist. His coloring is perfect and his skin is so buttery smooth. I am very happy with the quality, color, and style of his hair, just exactly what I wanted. I love his eye color too. He is so adorable and I am just over the moon with job with baby Tristen. He is so, so soft and looks and feels like a real baby. He is the perfect size and weight. He even smells good, like a real newborn. I wanted to let you know what a very happy customer I am. Thank you for all your assistance in making this happen for me. I appreciate that you offered an interest-free payment plan to help pay for him. you offer great personable customer service that I also appreciate. Thank you for all the nice goodies included with baby Tristen as well. Thank you so very much! Blessings and Best Wishes, A.I., North Carolina.

March 29, 2018: Ann , I am enjoying Josh (Tristen by Tasha) so very much, Most people who have seen him thinks he is a real baby when they walk in, My Granddaughter feel in love with him, You and Randy did a great Job, Its been a rough week , but had to Thank you and Randy again, You are two of the nicest people , Hope you have a wonderful Blessed Easter, Smiles & Hugs Linda

February 13, 2018: Hi Randy and Ann, Thanks so much for my baby Tea. Sheís absolutely beautiful. Iím so happy with her. You are all amazing and if you can also thank Tasha Edenholm for my beautiful creation. T.W.-Canada

January 20, 2018: Dear Ann & Randy, Tristen (by Tasha) arrived today more precious than I ever dreamed he would be. I fell in love with him. I will send pictures tomorrow. He is adorable. Better than I could imagine. I am in love with him. So soft and adorable. I love his eyes and hair. N.S.-Michigan.

January 12, 2018: Hi Ann & Randy, Just a note to let you know Layla arrived safely. She is Beautiful. Thank You so much and also for the extra gifts. Hugs, B.S. & Layla

January 5, 2018: I just want to say I am blown away. I have never had a reborn but own many dolls. I was so afraid after watching u tube I would pay a lot of money for what looked like a doll and not a real baby. I got my baby today, made by Sebilla Bos, and I am in disbelief. To anyone who wants a reborn I can tell you order from the doll connection store. I have artwork I paid thousands for and this baby is definitely just as good of workmanship as anything I own. I hate to admit it but I am so picky and hard to please. I thought this baby would not meet my standards and I would probably have to sell it on eBay to try and get part of my money back. I quickly opened the box prepared for disappointment and was beyond elated when I saw my new work of art. I can't wait for my next one now. Thank you Ann and Randy for not disappointing me and giving me more than what I paid for. Thank you Sebilla for sharing your wonderful talents and supplying me with a dream baby. The money I paid seems like nothing now I see what I'm getting. I could not be happier. Sincerely, T.P.-Alabama

November 22, 2017: Dear Randy and Ann, I have been wanting to write this email for a couple of weeks. Life can get so busy. I am so pleased and happy with Tristan. Tasha did a beautiful job. Please express my gratitude to her. He is my favorite sculpt. I also want to thank you for the gifts. I really like the knit outfit. I think both Suri and Callie are beautiful. I can't decide which to choose next. Everyday I change my mind. I want to wish you both a happy and blessed Thanksgiving. Take care, M. G. - Idaho

November 9, 2017: Hi Randy, thank you for the beautiful pictures of my little girl (Baby Tea in Light Bi-Racial skin color). Tasha's work is beautiful! I think she looks gorgeous. I am so excited. Thank you all for all the hard work that went into making this possible for me. Please thank Tasha again for me. Also, I'm ok with UPS shipment. I will be home on Friday. T.A. - Illinois

October 17, 2017: OMG!! Ann and Randy! I just received my pictures in the mail! I am so excited and she is so GORGEOUS! Iím so in love! Thank you so much for all you do. You two are wonderful! I look forward to talking to you soon. I canít wait to meet my baby girl! XOXOXO L.R. - Delaware

August 29, 2017: Hi, Randy! I just want to let you know that I received Penelope Summer (by Ana Healey) and am over the moon! She is so much more than I expected! Love her! Thank you so much for all your help in getting her to me. Always a pleasure doing business with you and Ann! M.S. - California

August 2 4, 2017: Hi Randy and Ann, I finally arrived home and could hold my Malia (by Tasha). She is just so perfect in everyway. I can't stop looking at her. Probably like a mommy with a real baby for the first time! A real looker..! Thank you for the special gifts and little details in the parcel. I love it.! Once again thank you for the very professional service I can recommend it anytime to anyone around the world. It is as if you were right here in SA. A very special thank you once again. Winter greetings from sunny SA. LleR

August 4, 2017: Hi Ann I wanted to tell you that I just love Micah! His silicone is just perfect. You and Randy were wonderful to do business with! Thanks for making my buying experience wonderful! D.B., Indiana

July 19, 2017: Dear Randy, Baby Spice (by Ana Healey) has arrived and he's absolutely perfect. I'm happy he can join his twin brother. Thank you for the gifts and thank you for letting me adopt him on layaway. Kind regards, KC-Australia

July 14, 2017: Hi Ann & Randy, My Suri arrived on Wednesday 12th after her long journey. She is an absolute darling & looks so real lying in her crib. My husband and I did the box opening together. She has a Moses Basket & a Stroller Pram in her Nursery. I am going to brush her hair today for the first time, it has loosened up quite a bit now that it has had some air circulation. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to have a Silicone Baby to treasure. Best Regards, RdeJ, South Africa.

June 2, 2017: Hi Randy and Ann! She (Malia by Tasha) is absolutely beyond gorgeous! I can simply not wait! Now the wait has definitely been worthwhile! Thank you so much for making this possible! I love her already. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. LLR-South Africa

June 2, 2017: Dear Ann and Randy, I want to say thank you so much, to ANN AND RANDY AND TASHA. She did a great, great JOB, I love my Baby Tristen so much, I appreciate the great job you are doing and your great service and attention and your kindness and the opportunity you are giving us to make it possible to have a silicone baby like Tristen. He is a great, great Baby and at a great price, I Appreciate you, so much. BG-Texas

April 19, 2017: Hallo my dear!!!! The Babies are here (twins Malia & Micah by Tasha)!!!!!! Very, very special surprise!! They are very very sweet and beautiful! I read all instructions for to clear, and to be quiet that I have all attentions for Babies. Please say to their artist my happiness!! I have some outfits for her and for him!! ASAP I put album pics on Facebook! Thank you very very much!! With love, MM-Milan, Italy

March 29, 2017: Ann & Randy, I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for making this experience so wonderful for me and my daughter, Darcy. She was over-the-moon excited to see your YouTube video with her Layla as you described her baby in detail and sang Happy Birthday to her. You will never know what it meant to Darcy to be honored in such a way. Thank you. And then to get our Layla a few days later was just the icing on the cake! We got her on a beautifully sunny Thursday afternoon. It was the perfect day for the perfect baby! She is stunning! We could not have asked for a better experience in our purchase. And you guys were always so sweet and helpful, too. From the bottom of this momma's heart, thank you so much! This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and Darcy and I will cherish it always. God Bless you both!! Much Love, JF - Arkansas, USA 

March 26, 2017: Hi Ann and Randy, I just wanted to say thank you so much for letting me have the opportunity of a layaway to bring this baby home. I am grateful that the Doll Connection can help make dreams come true. I am so looking forward to bringing Penelope (by Dutch artist Sandy Faber) home. I have a long wait but if I can bring her home sooner I will. This will be my first new silicone and to say I am excited is an understatement. Thank you again so much for bringing such joy to ladies like me...Friendly regards, SC-United Kingdom

February 16, 2017: Dear Ann, Dear Randy, Today my lovely Baby Tristen has safely arrived. Everthing went smooth and I am delighted to have him here. He is soooooo gorgeous and wonderful. The colour, the rooting everything just as I wished him to be. Thank you very very much, also for an uncomplicated process of all the business matters. On Saturday I am going to get some warm clothies for my baby, because itís still cold here, despite the sunny weather. I surely will send you some fotos of him. By the way, my husband wants me to call Tristen John Peter, because itís his name. Isnít that nice of him? Once again thank you so much. M.L. from Switzerland

November 16, 2016: Dear Ann and Randy, Thank you so much for sending my baby (Tea by Tasha). She is beautiful! Please tell Tasha thank you! She is my best birthday present ever. Thank you again, LN-Texas 

October 20, 2016: Dear Ann and Randy, My baby girl Carissa Celine (Tea by Tasha) is at home with Mommy now enjoying each other. Ann and Randy you rock! I am so in love and so grateful for the passion and compassion that Ann and Randy showed me throughout my purchase of my baby girl. I will be a returning customer and you can check out my channel Yellow Rose of Texas to see her homecoming blanket revealing. God bless. And I hope all you mommies are enjoying your baby just as much as I am enjoying mine this little one is truly a life-changer for the better. She is beyond gorgeous and I cannot say in words because they would not suffice for how great and professional I was treated during her purchase. Thank you Ann and Randy. I shake my head because of how wonderful the two of you are it's like finding a gold mine two strangers that treat people with the absolute most outstanding professionalism that a company can offer its customers. YK-Texas 

Oct. 13, 2016: Hi Ann and Randy, Just wanted to let you know that baby Tristen (by Tasha) arrived today safe and sound. I love him! Thank You so much! Please tell Tasha she did a fantastic job! Thank You again, SS-South Dakota.

Sept. 29, 2016: Hello Ann! Penelope (by Sandy Faber) arrived today and she is beyond beautiful!! I love her so much! She is amazing and I am just overjoyed with her! Thank you so much for your wonderful service and thank you to Sandy Faber for this gorgeous baby! Your forever customer, VWG-Alabama

Sept. 23, 2016: Hello Ann & Randy just wanted to let y'all know that my sweet baby girl Malia (by Tasha) arrived and she is absolutely gorgeous! I am very happy and pleased with Tasha's work! Thank you so much for being so incredibly sweet and professional. My only wish is one day I am able to adopt another baby! MI-Cal

Sep. 23, 2016: Hi Ann, I can't tell you of the JOY I feel every time I look or hold Roxy (by Sandy Faber), renamed LEXI. She is well worth the long wait!! She quickly became my favorite baby! Love, GW-Ct.

On Sept. 21, 2016: Dear Ann, the doll (Penelope Summer by Ana Healey) has arrived yesterday but I haven't had time to write to you. It is wonderful, even more than I expected! Thanks a lot for such a fast shipping. I hope to hear from you soon in the future I would like a boy, as nice as Penelope! Lots of hugs, DF-Italy

Sept. 19, 2016: Well, this really is not customer comment. It is a beautiful video on YouTube of the box opening of Tristen by Tasha made by our customer, DW-California. THIS IS A MUST SEE!!! It is the most precious video we have seen. She called and told us how extremely happy she was with Tristen, she went on and on about his beauty. She really loves him and feels he is very, very high quality and the art work is superior. Click on the following link to see her video of Tristen. Afterwards, click on the back arrow to come back to our store. Here is the link: ENJOY!!!

June 14, 2016: Dear Ann & Randy, I received Penelope Summer June 13, 2016. When I reached home last night, I opened the box, read the instructions first. Thank you for the beautiful adorable pink hat, and the clothing. Wow, Wow, Wow. She is truly amazingly authentic and very beautiful. I am speechless! I keep looking at the wonderful work of Anna Healey. She is quite an artist with extraordinary skills. The details of Penelope are super fantastic. My spirits were absolutely lifted. I canít wait to go home tonight. I am so excited I could hardly eat my dinner last night. I purchased a Badger Basket from Wal-Mart to place Penelope Summer in it so she is secluded from my reborn dolls. I will absolutely take very good care of my precious gift. I definitely would like another baby from Anna Healey, preferably a boy. I have no boys. There are so many things I love about Penelope Summer. Color: Ė Perfect Ė, Arms: - Can go to her side Ė not in an upward position Ė this make her more realistic! Legs: - Yes, are somewhat straight Ė not curled! Face: - Really cute. Eyes: - Beautiful not squint! Mouth: - Oh my gosh, so cute Ė perfect, gums and tongue Ė remarkable! Thank you Ann and Randy, I needed a lift because there are times when Iím down. I canít believe the wait was to be 4 Ė 6 months, but Iíve been blessed to receive her less than a month. I truly believe in the Power of God. I am truly grateful to have found Doll Connection. Sincerely, SH-NY

Sept. 1, 2016: Dear Ann, Thank you so very much Ann and thank Tasha again for me on the amazing and beautiful job she did on my baby (Malia by Tasha). AO-California

August 31, 2016: Dear Ann and Randy, I welcomed little Layla (by Tasha) home last night. She is so much more than I ever dreamed she would be. Oh my goodness, I was absolutely overcome with emotion! I knew I was excited in anxious expectation, but I had no idea how absolutely beautiful she would actually be when I saw her face to face. Pictures definitely do not do her justice. I am beyond pleased! Would you please be so kind as to pass my gratitude to Tasha? She makes lovely babies! I want to thank you both for being so sweet and kind, and PATIENT with me! I really enjoyed doing business with you and will highly recommend The Doll Connection store to everyone. Thank you, also, for the sweet little bib with Layla's name on it. I'm really glad I decided to keep that name!!! LOL Your professionalism mixed with your kindness and understanding of anxious "mommies" makes me want to keep coming back to your store. In addition, I feel as though I have gained 2 new friends! That means a lot! Thank you! Many, many regards, HC-Texas

August 11, 2016: Hello, Got baby finally, thank you xoxo. It's beautiful and feels so nice to the touch. Love the blanket too, everything was packaged very well and arrived safe. I will treasure him forever. Your customer service was so pleasant and trustworthy. I would highly recommend your business to other doll buyers. Thank you again Ann & Randy. Lee from Australia.

July 27, 2017: Dear Ann & Randy, Thank you so much for my little girl (Tea by Tasha)! She arrived yesterday and she is perfect! I love her to pieces! Tasha does a amazing job on her babies! I will enjoy her for years to come! KH

June 27, 2016: Hi Randy and Ann, Thank you for sending baby Spice (by Ana Healey) so quickly. He looks and feel so real! He's gorgeous. Kind regards, KC, Australia

June 14, 2016: Dear Ann & Randy, I received Penelope Summer (by Ana Healey) June 13, 2016. When I reached home last night, I opened the box, read the instructions first. Thank you for the beautiful adorable pink hat, and the clothing. Wow, Wow, Wow. She is truly amazingly authentic and very beautiful. I am speechless! I keep looking at the wonderful work of Anna Healey. She is quite an artist with extraordinary skills. The details of Penelope are super fantastic. My spirits were absolutely lifted. I can't wait to go home tonight. I am so excited I could hardly eat my dinner last night. I purchased a Badger Basket from Wal-Mart to place Penelope Summer in it so she is secluded from my reborn dolls. I will absolutely take very good care of my precious gift. SG

June 8, 2016: Dear Ann and Randy, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! He's gorgeous (Micah by Tasha)! He's perfect! Thank you so much! I am very pleased! AB

May 25, 2016: Dear Ann, I'm freaking out! I'm freaking out! Layla (by Tasha) is freakin gorgeous! And her outfit! And her diamond earrings! And the paci is so unique! I love her silicone! (I did buy a full body silicone doll for $2,500, and she looks weird, but I don't want to hurt the artist's feeling. Her silicone does not even compare to yours). Thank you again and again, and again! MM

May 2, 2016: Dear Ann, I just want to say thank you so much for my beautiful, sweet baby girl (Malia by Tasha). She is so loved here and I can't wait to do business with you guys again! JM

February 2, 2016: I would like to write something for potential customers (of the Doll Connection Store). Dear Potential Customers, Thinking of going somewhere else well don't. Ann and Randy are the best people EVER to work with. They have wonderful layaways and they are very patient. They answer all of your questions in the shortest period of time and not only that but also they have great prices. And also they are so excited to give the babies once you've paid for them. They have put up with me for the past 2 years, lol. I have never bought a baby but my boyfriend and I are saving up together which means I will have one soon! And I am proud to say that I will be getting one from them. AB

March 30, 2016: "Hi Ann, thank you so very much for my lovely Layla (by Tasha) as she arrived this morning and was dressed beautifully. She is very sweet and is now sleeping her long journey off in her pram. It is so nice to get these beautiful surprises in the mail when we have finished their payments. Kind regards, J. T., Australia"

February 24, 2016: "Ann and Randy, Layla arrived today and she is so beautiful!! I love her so much!! She is perfection! You guys are the best and thank you so much for being so great! Also thanks to Tasha for this sweet baby!! I'm a forever customer!! VGW"

February 22, 2016: "THANKS A BUNCH- RANDY AND ANN DAY, I received my Malia sleeping on 2-10-16 and sorry for the delay of just letting you know how much I enjoyed doing business with you the Doll Connection Store. I am really enjoying my baby by Tasha and getting to love on her. I opened my box at work and the people really enjoyed her also. While at work you thought it was a real baby which by the way people thought she was until I told them. People were so in awe and loving on her and they still ask me how's the baby doing. I am so glad I found this sight because I love the way you two connect with the customers and made her affordable, so with that said THANKS A BUNCH. TM"

February 19, 2015: "We received our Micah today. And I couldn't be more happy. Thank you so so so much. Here's a picture of him all settled in. AB"

February 12, 2015: "Dear Ann, Sorry I am late getting back to you. I received baby Micah just as Randy said on Monday. I truly love him from his sweet face with his blonde hair and blue eyes to his perfect little tootsies. He looks so real, Tasha's Artistry is truly amazing! Iím so happy with him and so glad I found you your presentation of the babies is wonderful. Looking forward to Baby Spice [Joey] (by Ana Healey). I picked up an adorable little wooden cradle for him at an antique shop. Micah has a sweet Moses basket next to my bed. God bless and thanks again to both of you so much fun for me! God bless and thanks again to both of you. Luv, JM"

February 5, 2015: "Hi Ann & Randy...I just wanted to let you know that Chantal arrived and I love her!!! Olivia (Olivia Stone) did a very nice job on her. Thank you for such wonderful customer service and I hope to adopt another baby from you in the future :) Thanks, MT"

February 3, 2016: "Hello Ann, Hope your feeling well today! Wanted to let you know that I caved and opened TEA today!! Oh Ann--She is so beautiful; cute, and just darling!! She is so much more than I ever dreamed! Her legs are so darn cute--love the chunky legs. I actually did not think her legs were going to be like the picture showed; they are cuter than I had hoped for. Thanks for the instructions; and other items you sent in Tea's box. Thank you Ann and Randy for being so kind to me even tho I changed my mind every five minutes on how I wanted my baby to look. I opened Tea with T. sitting right next to me. He said oh mom--she so cute!!... I loved Tea's outfit; but I bought this beautiful pink romper--I'm about to try on her. I'd love to buy Malia; or Micah some day. The doll has such a beautiful face! Ann, you should feel so proud of yourself for making so many customers so happy!! I'm so thrilled and so happy over Tea! Take care. DW, USA"

January 11, 2016: "Thank you so much, Ann Day, for making these beautiful dolls affordable for people like me who need the 12 month layaway. It was fun anticipating her arrival and the small payments didn't ever hurt us financially. I am in awe of this artist's talent (Tasha) - especially love the little fingers and toes (on Layla)! Thank you for your awesome communication, too - your great customer service added a special touch. M.W."

December 31, 2015: "Hello Ann & Randy Day, I picked Eden (Micah by Tasha) up tonight, 3 hours ago actually. My entire family wanted to be part of the box opening so it was a wonderful experience. Very impressed with how amazing his skin tone is. Tasha's work is beautiful. This is my first time having a silicone baby so the feel was a shock. Thank you both for making this experience possible. I feel immensely grateful that I found your website when I did. Your patience and efforts with your customers is commendable. I will definitely be back... a girl this time for sure. ^_^ Wishing you and yours a happy and fulfilling new year. Sincerely, R.K. (Canada)"

December 18, 2015: "Hello Ann & Randy, I picked up Baby Layla this morning because I didn't want to wait all day for her to come in the mail. I am absolutely pleased with Tasha's work. Layla is gorgeous, I must have changed her clothes at least three times already, she looks too cute in all her outfits. Thanks for the Layla printed Bib, its really nice. I plan to do business with you again, you and Randy have been so nice ever since I made my first phone call to you guys. Thank you! Much love, J.T., USA"

December 15, 2015: "Hi Ann. I wish to thank you so very much for getting Ginger (by Michelle Fagan) to me without costing me any more money and I am absolutely thrilled to pieces with her. You are wonderful people and I would kiss your feet if you were here right now. I only just got home from shopping and got a surprise on my desk and now I have had my own merry Xmas for myself. She has had along journey to get here so she will probably be jet lagged for a while. The poor girl. HER BASSINET IS READY FOR HER AT HOME SO I WILL TAKE HER HOME SOON TO SETTLE IN. I wish to thank you again with all my heart for making it possible for me to have her for my own. With many kind regards and best wishes for a merry Xmas and a happy new year. Love, J.T., Australia"

November 14, 2015: "Hello Ann & Randy, Just to let you both know that M. and I received our beautiful baby girls today. They are absolutely out of this world proper gorgeous, and we love them completely. They have both been very spoilt today out in their new prams and everybody thought that they really were real babies. We had already bought a full wardrobe of clothes for the girls but still went out and bought more today. A girl can never have too much clothes lol. A.L., United Kingdom"

We really appreciate this comment from our customer on August 11, 2015: "Hello! I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the beautiful photos collage of baby Jack and lovely card that you sent. I was incredibly surprised to receive it, but very excited too!!! What a special touch for a collector. I must say you are definitely a cut above the rest :-). To have taken the time to create the collage and card says so much! I have said from the beginning that I am very happy to have chosen to do business with you all. I am even more convinced now that I made the right choice. You make a customer feel not only as if she is just another order. For me collecting these beautiful babies is not only a hobby, but a passion and each baby is very special to me. Thank you again for making this experience even more of a pleasure than I could have imagined!!! Have a great week! S.Z."

October 1, 2015: "I just received my Penelope Summer (by Ana Healey), and it was love at first sight!!! She is just perfect. Thank you, Ann and Randy for finding such beautiful baby dolls for dolly lovers like myself. J.D."

September 15, 2015: "Hi Ann, Baby Layla arrived all the way from the USA to the UK. She's home and is very happy with her new mommy. I want to tell you that Tasha Edenholm has done an extraordinary job on her. I just love her embroidered Layla bib that you and Randy sent along with her. Her art work is outstanding. I hope to be buying a lot more babies from you both. She's my first silicone baby but she won't be the last. I'm one happy mommy xxx. S.G., United Kingdom"

September 15, 2015: "Hi Randy and Ann, My baby finally arrived today. Beautiful baby, just perfect. He surpasses all my expectations. I was pleasantly surprised at how heavy he is. He looks so real. I'm very very happy. I want to thank you and Ann for how easy you made this purchase process for me. Communicating was easy and I always got a prompt response to my questions. Very honest and kind, so thank you again. Definitely will contact you in the future for my next purchase. M.J.- in Canada"

Sept. 5, 2015: "I received Malia today! She is so beautiful! And thank you for the monogrammed bib so cute! Thank you and Randy for everything, she couldn't be more perfect! Please thank Tasha for me also, she creates beautiful art! S.P."

August 23, 2015: "Hi Ann and Randy, Baby Jack has arrived and he's as sweet as he can be, I just love him. Thank you again for your wonderful customer service (as well as for that adorable, personalized bib) and for allowing me to pay on layaway. I will definitely enjoy this cuddly little guy. Thanks, V.W."

July 31, 2015: "Hi Ann and Randy, I just wanted to tell you that Layla made it home today and that I just love her! I will talk to you soon, have a great day! S.S."

July 8, 2015: "Hi Anna, Baby Malia arrived today and she is adorable. Thank you so much and that was the quickest delivery... That made her extra special. LOL I love your little sunsuit and monogramed bib and am going to try it on now. Thank you so much. S.J., Australia"

July 8, 2015: "Micah just arrived safe and sound. He is such a cute, chunky little guy. As always, you and Randy are great to deal with. Thank you for a smooth transaction. J.D."

June 29, 2015: "Dear Ann and Randy, It has been a wonderful experience being one of your customers. I received my baby Layla yesterday and I am beyond thankful! She is perfect. Tasha does an amazing job and I just wanted to thank all of you for allowing me to adopt this little bundle! I will definitely be a returning customer sometime next year! Again Thank you all so much!!! Have a blessed Day, R. F."

June 20, 2015: "Hello Again Ann, I just wanted to drop a few lines to say "thank you" talking to you was easy, it was like I was talking to a friend. I am so excited to order my lil Micah from you on Tuesday. I look forward to talking with you on Tuesday June 23, 2015. Warmest wishes and many thanks, E.W."

June 11, 2015: "My beautiful baby Layla has arrived and already is making friends! Oh my goodness Ann... I love my baby Layla!! She is just precious! Tasha has done an extremely wonderful job creating this baby.. the detailing is as beautiful as you described. She is just like holding a real baby in your arms. I couldn't be any happier. Thank you so much! M.B."

May 29, 2015: "Hi Ann! Thank you so much for the sweet baby doll and the extra present, which I really love! It fits this baby boy so good and looks so sweet! That was a really nice surprise! He looks very cute and was packed so nicely as always when you send a baby! Have a great day and thank you once more! Best regards! M.F. of Sweden." 

May 26, 2015: "Hi Ann, Evie just arrived, and she is gorgeous just as you said she would be. I don't usually bond with a baby right out of the box, but I did this time. He silicone is so smooth, and just the right softness. She truly feels like a real baby. J.D."

April 30, 2015: "Dear Ann and Randy, I have received my beautiful Layla today here in South Africa. I am so so happy and excited. Thanks so much for the outfits. I just love my baby and I am so so impress with her. She is flawless. It was a great experience adopting from the doll connection store. I cant keep myself from touching and holding my angel. She is just perfect. Kind regards Layla's new mommy. Z.V., South Africa"

April 20, 2015: "Hello Randy and Ann, Chantal arrived safely home today. thank you so much for helping me bring her home she is so cute. Love her. Thank you kind regards, A.L., Australia"

April 20, 2015: "Hi Ann and Randy, Sahana has arrived safely from Angela and I am very pleased with her. Thank you once again for all your help. Hugs, L.O., Sweden"

March 2, 2015: "Just received my Layla. She arrived late due to the weather. O MY GOSH!!! , she is beautiful. C.C."

February 12, 2015: "Ann...we just received our baby Layla. We are beyond happy with her! She looks so real, the detail on her is awesome! And thank you so much for the cute outfit, we absolutely love her!!! T.F."

February 9, 2015: "Hello Randy & Ann, She is indeed beautiful (Layla by Tasha). My lady is very happy with Layla. We look forward to see more Dolls. It's possible that she want more of them in the future. Met vriendelijke groeten, P.K. from the Netherlands"

January 21, 2015: "Hi Ann and Randy, Raven (by Angela Sutter) arrived safe and sound. She is absolutely beautiful!!!! My husband also commented on her beauty. He took her to our frineds' home, to show her off. :) Thank you, for your exceptional customer service!!!! Always, L.C."

January 14, 2015: "Dear Ann and Randy, Thanks so much Randy and Ann, she arrived yesterday and she is so beautiful and I love her. Once again you guys are awesome. I look forward to buying another Angela Sutter from you in the future. Thanks so much and take care. Love D.H."

December 8, 2014: "Hi Ann! I wanted to let you know that Baby Spice (by Ana Healey) is beautiful! I am so grateful to have got him. Thank you so much for making this Christmas a very special one for our household. I am knitting him something and I was going to send you a pic but it is taking so long for me to finish that I wanted to send you a 'Thank You' without further delay. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2015! C.P."

November 20, 2014: "Dear Ann & Randy, Baby Sugar (by Ana Healey) arrived today! I couldn't be anymore pleased! She is just beautiful and I can't lay her down! I absolutely love her ! Thank you so much ! L.P. "

November 9, 2014: "O-M-G, Ann she's beautiful, you wouldn't believe it but I'm in tears right now. I had no idea, I mean you can imagine but until you really see her I can't stop looking at her pictures. I am soooo very glad I chose to adopt with you and the Doll Connection Store. Your customer service is award winning. Please convey my elated joy to Tasha, I'm absolutely thrilled she did an amazing job. I will be looking again in the future to adopt from Tasha and you. I was hoping to get her for my birthday on the 21st and I am. overwhelmingly Happy and Grateful. D.S."

October 2 2, 2014: "Hi Ann & Randy, Just want to tell you my baby Anjali Layla is home safely. She so adorable & I love everything about her !! I gave her name Anjali which means beautiful gift. D.Y."

October 2, 2014: "Baby Layla has finally arrived....she is beautiful, so perfect. Thank you so much..she was well worth the wait . Thank you again Randy and Ann. M.K."

September 17, 2014: "Dear Randy! Thank you so much for this sweet baby (Layla by Tasha)! She is gorgeous, her skin tone is very beautiful and her hair is so well rooted! Please tell Tasha that Iīm very happy with her work. As usual, itīs high quality! You always pack the babies so beautifully and what a nice clothes she had with her. Thank you! Please let me know if Tasha makes new babies. Have a great, blessed day! Kind regards! MF"

March 7, 2014: "Good evening, it is evening here in Stockholm, Sweden. I am very happy with this cute baby (Sophie by Tasha)! She has charisma, a personality, so I agree, this baby is special! Thank you for an excellent service one more time! It is always good to make business with you! Have a great day! Kind regards! MF"

January 20, 2014: "Hi, Ann! How are you and Randy? I just wanted you to know that Salima (by Maja Bill), is home safe and sound and just Amazing!!! She is the one I saw in the pictures with the butterfly necklace and the additional beads added to her shoes! I just love her and I'm more than pleased! Thank you so much! Take Care, love, DH"

January 18, 2014: "Hi, Today, my special Saydie by Maja Bill arrived and she is sure special. Of course, I still have my Nane by Angela Sutter. Thank you very much for your extremely affordable payment options which allowed me to obtain both dolls and add them to my family. In truth, if it were not for your website I would have neither and would want a higher priced doll but simply not be able to realistically do a payment plan of 3-6 months. I have my eye on one last artist doll but will see what happens. I had also thought about a large resin ball joint doll but when it comes to large dolls I truly prefer vinyl since it seems more durable than resin and porcelain in my opinion. Thank you again for everything!! K. W."

August 12, 2013 Customer Comment: "Dear Ann and Randy, My Jordan twins arrived safe and sound! Olivia Stone babies get more beautiful with each sculpt. My babies were passed from arms, to arms being admired by my family. Even my husband smiled at them, and held them on his lap! I will treasure my babies always. Thank you for your exceptional customer service!!! L.C."

June 10, 2013 Customer Comment: "Hi Randy, Thank you for your awesome service :). I always recommend your store to others as you have beautiful dolls and outstanding service. I'm so excited to be getting Marcy. She resembles my daughter when she was a baby. My mom agrees. I'll be calling her 'Boo' my daughter's nickname :). Have a great weekend and thank you again :) RY-J"

June 10, 2013 Customer Comment: "Wow! She (Tenleigh by Tasha) is stunning and exactly how I pictured her. Thank you so much, I will try and pay the balance by Tuesday and get her home ASAP. I can then look and see who catches my eye next, knowing you look after your customers so well :). Best wishes, JS"

"Hi Ann, I just wanted to let you know Tenleigh arrived safe and sound and I am thrilled with her. She is a keeper for sure. Thank you so much! Hugs, NP"

"Hi Ann, Tenleigh arrived home safe and sound on Monday...I am so happy to have her here. She is beautiful, and Tasha did a wonderful job on her. Her silicone is so soft and squishy. I am really enjoying her...and she is coming on a trip with me to visit my sister in Edmonton, Alberta. I am also meeting up with some friends from can't wait for them to see her also. Thanks so much for the wonderful service. Love and Hugs,  LB"

"Hi Ann & Randy, Tenleigh arrived today & I am thrilled with her. So nice to have a Tasha baby again. Am very pleased with your service & look forward to seeing more of your beautiful babies to tempt me. J.T."

"Good Evening! Thank you so much for the sweet silicone doll (Tenleigh by Tasha). She is at home (Sweden) now and feeling good! This one is gorgeous, soft and cuddly! I am very happy for her. Thank you for making everything so well! Have a great day and evening! Kind regards, M.F."

"Hi Anna and Randy, Tenleigh arrived today. She is adorable, cuddly, and so "real" looking. She is the softest silicone baby I have seen!!! She feels like lifelike baby skin. It usually takes me a few days to bond with a new baby, but with this one, it was love at first sight!!! J.D."

From H.M. in The Netherlands, "Dear Anna, Now that I see her in daylight, I am amazed by all the detail, She even has a little nest hair in her face, you can hardly see it her thumb in her mouth its awesome ..I love her !!!!! I can't stop looking at her and touching her, Talk sweet baby talk to her..I am going to to the store now,she needs pajamas and more lovely clothing..bye for now and thanks again."

From H.M. in The Netherlands, "Dear Anna, Oo she looks so sweet, thank you for the pictures, I can't wait to hold her and thank you for your exceptional kindness and understanding. Oo the warmth I am feeling looking at this sweet baby is remarkable, I started crying. Can't wait to see her in the bassinet. Greetings"

From H.W. in the United Kingdom, "Hello Ann, Thank you so much for sending KAM, she is truly delightful! All the lovely things you have put in hte box were amazing. She is the most precious baby ever. Thank you so much for all you have done in arranging for me to have her hair color, ect. The posting of her and all hte communication. I really appreciate it. Thanks Again."

From M.F. in Stockholm, "THANK YOU SO MUCH ! Iīm very happy to have this really really sweet baby! She is the most cute little girl - a real masterpiece! I just wonder what material she is made from? She is really adorable , just like a newborn baby, with that innocent little face. Thank you also for a very kind and friendly contact and for the beautiful accessories and photos and cards . I will treasure them all! I was very happy with the painting and rooting too. She looks so natural! Because I paint and root myself, I have high quality demands and this doll is all perfect!! I LOVE HER and sheīs going to stay with me forever as an inspiration. She looks almost like my little newborn grandchild too, thats quite amazing! I wish you all luck with your business and must say that you are the BEST! Kind regards."

From M.F. "THANK YOU SO MUCH! She looks just great (ISABELA by Tasha)! Itīs nice to get my ever first bought doll! Because I reborn myself, it doesnīt happen too often that I buy a baby. She looks just wonderful. You are so very kind and have a perfect custom service, Itīs a joy to buy from you! Have a great day! Kind regards."

From J.M. "Oh My! Tamina just just arrived She is more than gorgeous! When I opened the box and the wrapping her little eyes were looking right in to mine! What a sweet loving expression! (I had to give her a kiss or two, haha.) She is really exquisite and more-almost as if she has a soul! Maja does a remarkable job with the little faces, I think. Can you tell Iím more than happy with her? ....I canít wait to finish paying for Lindsey so I can see her! Have a Fabulous Day!"

From J.D. "Hi Ann & Randy, Isabela (new silicone baby by Tasha) just arrived. She is such an amazing baby!!! The sculpting on this baby is true to life. She is an adorable baby."

From B.M. "Oh my gosh, what a wonderful surprise to come home to after being out shopping!!! My Haylee is absolutely adorable, absolutely perfect - exactly what I wanted! Sandy is utterly amazing. She has made this baby come to life - so real. I love her coloring - her rosy cheeks and her hair color is exactly what I envisioned. I love the amount of hair she has and Sandy remembered the barrette which is perfect. And a bonus bonnet to bout - to show her wee bangs peaking out from it. The outfit is so sweet and of course she must wear pink for sure. Lastly, her eyes are placed spot on to my liking, something I always am drawn to, almost immediately before anything else. Thank you so very, very much Sandy. You made my dream baby come true. And Ann, thank you for all your help in relaying my info back to Sandy. I can hardly wait to have this sweetheart home with me."

Ann and Randy, Just a short note to say that Jayden #11 arrived safely on late Tuesday. I've been so busy holding her that I haven't had a chance to let you know! She is so adorable. Her pictures did not do her justice as her little face is just precious. But the most amazing thing to me is her hands and feet. Sebilla has done a masterful job on the wee fingers and toes. It's just so good. Her coloring is spot on, too. Anyone who is thinking of adopting one of the Jaydans should not miss out on this great sculpt. Bos Babies are Best! Thank you also for all your assistance and patience in helping me bring this little one home! Love, C.T.

May 2, 2012 Customer Comment: "Hello Ann, I just unwrapped Cinderella. She is so beautiful. I am very lucky to have gotten her from your shop. You have been so nice and helpful. Can't wait to receive Breanna. Sincerely, L.W." 

May 4, 2012 Customer Comment: "Dear Ann, Thanks so much for beautiful Ira who arrived yesterday and was opened today! She's gorgeous and a perfect edition to my Sutter family. Thanks again for being so awesome about layaway!! I wouldn't have either of these two beauties with the great service that you and Randy offer. Hugs, S.M."

March 29, 2012 Customer Comment: "Ann and Randy, Thank you for all the support and respect you give your customers. This is something I have never experienced in all my years of doll collecting. I am going through one of the most difficult times in my life and it is comforting to look forward to getting Clementine and Elizabeth Rose. From now on I will be getting my special babies from special people like you. Thanks again, M.G."

February 2012 Customer Comment: "Hi Anna, Bella Joy just arrived. Wow!! She is a big, heavy baby. She is so well made, and adorable. Rita sent an extra outfit, and some other baby things. So nice of her!!! You and Randy have been wonderful to work with. Ann, you are always willing to talk dollies with me, and I never feel that you are too busy to talk. Thanks you both for everything. Your customer service is the best!! From J.D."

"Dear Ann & Randy, My mom and I would like to thank you so much for everything you have done to bring Jordan (by Olivia Stone) home. He is everything that my mom wanted to be and so much more. He's exactly what my mom wanted. There are many babies that never look exactly like the pictures but he does. Olivia Stone did such an amazing job on him. We thank her and you both so much for everything. From A and C. January 2012"

"Hi Ann and Randy, Little Baby Peanut (by Carol Kneisley) has arrived safe and sound and I am thrilled to bits with him. Thank you very much for organizing the adoption for me so that I could afford to bring him home. He arrived yesterday which was actually my birthday, he was not planned as my pressie but the day was extra special due to his arrival. I unwrapped his legs first and they are such adorable legs with those wrinkly feet and knees that I actually felt emotional (not like me at all when unwrapping a doll). His gorgeous face is full of character and I love the Silicone eyes. Love, love him. Off for more cuddles, that you so much. Hugs, T. January 2012."

"Hi Ann and Randy, Melissa and Dawson Edenholm are officially home! They arrived this morning safe and sound. Both babies are adorable and could most certainly be taken for "twins" which is what I so wanted. They have the most realistic skin tone I have ever seen in sculpting clay. Also, I cannot believe how lifelike their little hands and feet look - amazing detail. Tasha clothed both in the cutest outfits. I love Melissa's hand knit sweater and blanket. Thank you very much to Tasha and to you both. Best, BM. November 23, 2011."

"Hi Ann, Just wanted to send a quick thanks for the pictures of my Sutter doll! She looks gorgeous and I know she will be even more so in person. Thanks again for the great service! You guys are awesome. Hugs, S.M."

"Maja Bill's Rose is absolutely STUNNING! She is even better in person than in the pictures. I'm so happy to have discovered this fine artist. I look forward to Sabrina's arrival. Thanks, N.B."

"Hi Ann, Tiny Little Jilli just arrived at her forever home. She is simply adorable. The way she was made and her pretty outfit, she is so precious to me. Thank you so much. As always, your babies and your service are extraordinary! Best Wishes Always, P.K."

"Hi Ann, The Heirloom Set by Bo was just delivered and I'm absolutely thrilled! Both dolls are just adorable and love their tiny teddy bears. Also loved the nice note from you as well as card and note from Bo herself. Also what a wonderful second outfit for the tiny girl! I do love the crochet one on her with the rose and matching hat and booties too. Thank you so much for getting the order out so quickly as well - was in shock when the doorbell rang a bit ago. Very nice doing business with you. G." 

Hi Randy,
I received "Celine" monday afternoon, and I do love her as you wrote I would! She is absolutely delightful! She has more hair then I expected and that pleases me. Her brown eyes are very beautiful, and even more, the details of her little hands and feet are highly realistic!! So, I have great admiration for the artist's talent! I want to add that Celine's outfit is very nice also...and, I am glad I got her! So I am hoping to get another doll from Waltraud Hanl... Thank you for the little card you sent with the doll, it is especially "charming"! I am going to keep it. Bye for now, and say hello! to Ann for me, Huguette, Quebec, Canada

Ann and Randy,
Just had to write and tell you that I truly love having Celine here and I think she loves it, too.  Right now she is resting on the couch in my den so we can see each other.  I am so impressed with the dolls of Waltraud and wish I could have them all.  I am also very impressed with the way y'all have handled this adoption process.  Everything was just the way you told me it would be and with great enthusiasm for Celine.  You both were so easy to talk with and as you assured me, there were no problems with the transaction.  Thank you for the personal service that is almost non-existent these days. As I am new to the doll world, y'all will be seeing me again.  I would never feel the need to shop with anyone else! Sincerely, Cecelia T.

Hi Ann and Randy, Aura Sutter (by Angela Sutter) has arrived safe and sound and I am in awe (excuse the pun). Really think she is amazing and never thought I would love a vinyl as much as my Sinami Himmie but do love Aura just as much. Thank you very much for your patience and layaway during the past year. Talk again soon, Tarsha M., Australia, 4-21-11.

Ann and Randy: Claire arrived yesterday evening and I am speechless....I would have written  earlier, but I have been too busy playing with her!! I love her, and I am now in love with Sebilla's Babies!! She is so well proportioned and her hands so expressive!! I have had more fun repositioning her, I just can't stop!! Thank you for packing her so beautifully and getting her to me so quickly!! I will be looking for more of Sebilla's brown eyed (my favorite) Babies!! I love Tilda, I just love her face and those freckles and her expression! Thanks for everything. I'll be back!!! Diane K. 10-26-07

Hi Ann&Randy: Joise arrived here safe & sound yesterday. It was nice when I opened her box to see all the care that went into shipping her. I especially loved the card inside. Thanks for making this a great experience. I have ordered from other doll dealers but you guys win hands down with customer service. I will be contacting you when its time to order for the 08's. Thanks again! Heather R., 9-22-07 

Ann&Randy: I just received my Claire doll by Sebilla Bos, it is amazing how real it looks. She is so much more real than I thought she would be. I know she will be a lot of fun to dress and I'm sure a wonderful conversation piece. I have a Middleton doll that is 25 years old and at that time she was the most real looking baby you could purchase, when you put these next to one another it's amazing to see what a difference there is. I couldn't be happier with my new doll. Sincerely, Bonnie O., 9-24-07

My dear friends Ann and Randy: I have no words to say about my happiness! The most gorgeous babies in the world are on my lap just now and THEY ARE ONLY MINE!!!!!!!!! Thank God and both of you! I'm not able to describe what I'm feeling. My beloved and unforgettable father, who passed away in 1999, used to say that "where the words finish, the music begins". At this moment you have to be listening all the most beautiful heavenly music. OK, friends. I ask the Angels of Heaven for thanking you instead of me, playing and singing the music as only they know how to do. God bless you now and forever. Thank you for being in my life! Love, Cris M., 9-22-07, (Cris lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Ann and Randy...I received Baby Claire (by Sebilla Bos) and I can't describe my feelings when I saw her. The pictures of her are so cute, but they don't even come close to how she really looks! I was speechless when I opened the box. She truly looks like a real baby! My husband was with me and he was absolutely amozed also. When I showed my 86 year old mother, I made sure I mentioned that she is a doll...! I don't understand how anyone can create such a realistic doll, but Sebilla has done so! Thank you!!  JF


Hi Ann and Randy, I have the most beautiful doll in my house----Jennifer. Her hair is magnificent. I am so in love with her. Sebilla should really make more redheads. Thank you so much for allowing the layaway, although it was kind of short! I will definitely be back. I wish I had discovered the Doll Connection Store a long time ago. See you soon. Jo Anne

Dear Ann and Randy, OMG!! Donna is so beautiful. She can now be the twin sister to my other redhead by Sebilla. I took the wrapping off so slowly and saved the wrapping around her head till the last thing. I wanted to savor how beautiful I knew she would be. I was so right. I love this baby and her outfit is so pretty. Thank you so much for getting her more me. Y'all make everything so easy and are so dependable. It's like having my own personal "doll shopper". There are a lot of companies that need to take lessons from you two on how to treat customers. Your the best!! Thanks so much. J.D.

From DJ, 11/14/06: Hi Ann & Randy. I received Nuala today. She is just gorgeous! I have not been able to see her in the sunlight as I got home from work late today. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to check her out in good lighting and take some pictures. She is beautiful beyond my expectations. Thank you for being so great with answering all my questions. Being a newbie I just did not know what to expect. Ann I love the gold and I am so glad I took your advice. I was so surprised when Randy telephoned me in response to my email. You both sent out of your way for me and I truly appreciate it. You guys are terrific! D.


From JD, 9/29/06: Hi Ann! Oh my goodness!! Just when I thought I couldn't be anymore in love! The first baby to arrive home was Nick! And his little face was too custe for words - and I LOVE his curly hair! I couldn't put him down! Later that day, Gianni arrived - and I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face...And now, I also have Lynne, who is ABSOLUTELY beautiful. I just can't stop looking at them!           I have been an avid doll collector for years - and these are my first OOAK adoptions! All I can say is that I could not be any  happier - all around! Sebilla Bos is a phenomenal doll artist! Her attention to detail is jut incredible!! My family and friends are truly amazed with lhow real they seem. They're all so entirley realistic, that I almost wait for them to move! There's no doubt in my mind that she makes each baby, lovingly....It shows on each of their faces...    And lastly, you and Randy are a doll collector's DREAM! The level of customer service you provide - the way you so carefully pack and ship the babies, etc., deserves the highest of praises! Your commitment to me as a colletor has earned by loyalty to you both!    Thanks SO much, for everything!   Hugs,    DJ


Hi Ann and Randy, I have the most beautiful doll in my house----Jennifer. Her hair is magnificent. I am so in love with her. Sebilla should really make more redheads. Thank you so much for allowing the layaway, although it was kinda short! I will definitely be back. I wish I had discovered the Doll Connection Store a long time ago. See ya soon. Jo Anne.


Hi Ann, Happy Baby Lucy (by Waltraud Hanl) arrived and she is absolutely wonderful. Waltraud did a wonderful job on this doll. Will take pictures and post them on Doll fan later on in the day after lunch sometime. Thank you so much for the nice card and you will be hearing from me in the future concerning my doll purchases. You are the best retailer for dolls that I have ever had the pleasure to do business with. Hugs, Diane 

Hi Ann,
I wanted to let you know that Ashley arrived.  There's no words to describe her!  She's beautiful.  I was like, "wow" when I saw her face.  Even my husband is impressed with her quality and how beautiful she is.  I love the way she's weighted to snuggle in your arms just like a real baby.  She's sleeping peacefully in the cradle right now.  I love her!!!  You're right, I'm more than happy with this girl.  When you speak with Ms. Hanl, please thank her for me, and I want to thank you for bringing her dolls to us.  
Best wishes,

From Linda, 7/14/06: Hi Ann and Randy, Wanted you to know that I received Ashlyn (an Artists Original by Rustie) yesterday. She is everything that I expected and more!! I love her dolls and I love your wonderful customer service! You both are great to work with and have shown me empathy and understanding in times of hardship. I love working with both of you and your cards when I get the dolls are so personal and that means a lot also. I have purchased many dolls from your including Annette Himstedt and I always know I am going to get a doll that has been inspected fully for flaws. I have always been happy with my purchases. Thanks again and God Bless you Both!!! I will call soon with another order!! Sincerely, Linda

From Bev, 7/12/06: Hi Ann and Randy! I just want to thank you so very much for baby "Shannon"! She arrived today in perfect condition and I know a good part of that was do to the way you "lovingly" packed her! When I finally got to see Shannon, I was brought to tears! I have never seen a "Bos" creation up front and personal and no words could begin to describe my shock at how real to life she looked. What a gift Sebilla Bos bestows on us collectors! Thank you so much for providing this artists' doll to the States and now for me in Canada. Its been a pleasure doing business with you. If the timing had been a bit better on my part I would have loved to have had "Jennifer" in my arms too as I'm extremely partial to blue-eyed, curly haired red heads - especially her "sculpt"! Lucky "new" mommy...but so am I!!! I need to savor the moments with Shannon. Again, my thanks to both of you. Regards, Bev 

From R.B., 11/7/03: Thank you soooooo much - You are such a pleasure to buy from --- patient -  caring -helpful ---and integrity!!!!. You get to know us personally --- and don't treat us like a number! Thank you so much. Love, R.B.

From M. E. , 8/13/03: Thank you for the communication you kept up with me as I awaited the arrival of each doll. Your phone calls announcing when each was being sent gave me something special to look forward to during the week. I cherish each one of these lovely dolls and each will find a special place in my home...I found you on line!! I was able to get everything I wanted without the stress and bother I experienced last year. You definitely have a satisfied customer who will be returning for more purchases...Keep up the great work. Its nice to know that I have found a dedicated dealer who promotes good customer service with a nice personal touch. Please keep me informed of any special announcements or news during the year. I will continue to enjoy your newsgroup and visit you website often. Thanks again for everything! Fondly, M.E.

From J.S., 8/14/02: Good Morning Ann! What a lovely thing you do...sending the 8x10 photo of the little darling. The packet of items was so gracious and welcoming! I just wanted you to know it was appreciated and I'll look forward to hearing Miki has arrived. Thanks again! J.S.

From D.H., 9/21/01: Dear Ann and Randy, This email is well over a week late but I do want to thank you for the fantastic job you did of sending my Pinki out to me. I appreciate your personal service with the nice card inside. Those little touches make such a difference...Again, thank you so much. Your top notch customer service is greatly appreciated. Enjoy your day. D.B.

From M., 11/7/02: Dear Ann and Randy, Effi arrived safe and sound this afternoon. I absolutely adore her. She has the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen on a doll. Thank you soooo much for your layaway plan that allowed me to obtain her. You are wonderful people to work with and I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. Very warmest regards, M.

From J.B., 11/9/02. Hi Ann: Thank you so much for Sofi. You are such a great dealer, and so nice to work with. That was great of you to call & let me know she was coming. She came the very next day! I am sorry I haven't let you know yet but my computer was down. I love her! She is beautiful...Thanks so much! I hope there are some next season I can get from you. Hope they are as good as this year. Have a great weekend! J.B.

From G.G., 1/2/03: Hi Ann and Randy, Thanks once again for making another doll buying experience a pleasure. I am looking forward to the 2003's as I am sure everyone else is! G.G.

From N.S., 5/16/03: Ann, I just wanted to express my deepest appreciation for the service you have provided during my purchase of Bear Belly Buttons. I just love her! She is so precious. Living away from the mainstream has not always been easy for me, as I have to scan the internet to choose a reliable dealer. But, finally, I have found you and will never stray again. you have shown remarkable professionalism and kindness over the phone and the internet. many thanks for your gift. God bless you! N.S.

From G.G., 10/12/02: Ann, Just a note to let you know that my receipt for Efi arrived in today's mail, along with the photo, and all the rest of the goodies that you sent. I have done business with many doll shops over the years that I have been collecting, but you and Randy make it so much more personal and more fun to buy dolls. I want you to know that you have just gotten a new customer, and I am really anxious to receive Efi. I think my husband is more excited about her impending arrival than I am!!! Thanks again for helping me to get my Efi. G.G.

From M.L., 8/12/02: Dear Ann and Randy, Wow what a surprise in the mail today! How nice of you to send the 8X10 photos of my new girls and a gift certificate for next purchase as well, plus the lovely letter. I really appreciate it and feel you must have a very successful business when you treat your customers so well!! You are delightful to work with. Can't wait to talk with you after Natasha (by Zawieruszynski) arrives. Again thank you for your truly professional and most friendly service. Blessings, M.L.

From A.M., 8/1/02: Hi Ann! I just wanted to drop a note and let you know that I received Savannah today. She is absolutely wonderful. Thanks again for your patience. It was a pleasure to do business with you. Sincerely, A.M.

From A.C., 4/24/02: Hi Ann & Randy, Lila arrived today safe, sound and just beautiful. Thank you so much for both Nikola and Lila (Zawieruszynski's) - they are both exquisite dolls. Please make sure to tell the artists the next time you speak with them how beautiful their dolls are and how much I appreciate them making the extra effort with Nikola. The extra dress was so unexpected, but it is such a treasure. I'll be in touch and it's been my pleasure to do business with you. This is certainly not the last time. Thanks again, A.C.

From E.G., 7/29/02: Hi, Ann! I wanted to be sure and thank you so much for your kindness and caring that you give to your customers. It is evident in your voice tone and the emails you post. I appreciate your helping me do a layaway on Ilse and am thrilled that there was an Ilse LEFT!!! You have sense of being that is very comforting and friendly, and it makes buying at your store a very pleasant experience! Thanks Again! E.G. 

From E.G., 6/9/02: Hi, Ann and Randy, Thanks SO much for the wonderful Trudie! She is as cute and wonderful as a doll can possibly be - although, when FIBI is sent out, I imagine that Trudie Will have a "tie" with Fibi on all counts, cute as a button, unbelievable clothes, QUICK shipping, terrific customer service, and fantastic doll crafts-woman-ship(!), as well as lovability factor and looking like a real, live child! I am so appreciative of your kindness and caring, and your unparalleled customer service. I am so happy with Trudi! Take good care and thank you! E.G.

From A.M., 3/15/02: Dear Ann and Randy, Thank you for sending the tracking number. I have found that she will arrive on Tuesday and I'm very excited about that. She will be my first bigidur doll and a dream come true since I've admired the Jutta Kissling dolls from afar for some time. Thank you, again, too for such a pleasant experience with the Doll Connection Store. Sincerely, A.M.

From L.M., 2/11/02: Dear Ann and Randy, It was such a pleasant surprise to receive your letter and photo of Miri in the mail yesterday! And thank you very much for the gift certificate. You have such a nice, personal touch that it makes doll buying a joy, which of course, it should be. The photo really made me excited: I feel like I have a school girl crush, staring at her photo all the time, LOL! Before my computer died week before last, I had printed out a b&w picture of her from the website: I stared at that while I was off-line--how nice to now have such a gorgeous photo of her to tide me over until she arrives in "person". I have really enjoyed all the pictures on your website, and information you have posted to the group regarding the new dolls--what an exciting line--how lucky you are to be able to see them all in person, as they come in. Thank you again for your wonderful photo and gift certificate. Love, L.M.

From M.D., 10/26/01: Dear Ann and Randy, I just wanted to drop you a really big Thank You for all your help and excellent service. I received Aries on Tuesday and you're right, she is absolutely gorgeous, I have not seen anything that pretty in a while. This will make a wonderful Christmas gift for my mother, since she has never had one of "Rustie's ladies" before. Anyway, Thank You for being so kind and gracious to me, that is an honorable quality, never lose that!. Sincerely, M.D.

From A.C., 3/14/2002: Well, I must say I never came across a dealer that will help out someone so much. Thanks to her (Ann) I will have my first FayZah Spanos doll for Christmas from mom who said she would never buy a doll that costs that much...Hee Hee. Isn't she GREAT though (my mom). Anyway, Ann my mom got me this doll and I am so Thankful words can never express how happy I am so far with our transaction and this woman (Ann) is the sweetest doll store owner I have come across and I thought I had met some nice people which of course I have but none this wonderful. If you ever need a recommendation on buying from her (Ann) I give her a 15 and a 1-10 scale. Thank you, Ann! YOU HAVE MADE MY DAY & CHRISTMAS! Biggest doll hugs ever, A.C., a returning customer.

From J.H., 3/15/02: Dear Ann & Randy, Even thought all I have done is put a doll on layaway, I wish to thank you for your personal service. I appreciate the way I have been treated as a customer: I feel very special, even though I've "met" you only over the telephone! When the receipt for my layaway arrived yesterday, I was further pleased with a letter from you, as well as gift certificate toward my next doll (how did you know I'm already thinking of who will be next in my doll budget?!). The most delightful surprise, however, was the picture of Mathilde you sent. She's already in a picture frame on the refrigerator with all the other photos of our family. (I have a wonderful husband who has no objection to the idea of my dolls being part of the family!). I applaud your method of doing business: you have already made another loyal customer (and I won't get my doll until May!). Sincerely, J.H.

From Janey, 3/11/2001: "I loved your site!"

From Sandra, 4/11/2001: "I was viewing your website and it is so wonderful." "The pictures on your sight are great."

From Joy, 4/11/2001: "I found your website address in Doll Reader. It really looks great."

From Cindy, 3/17/2001: "Your site is wonderful! You give so much information on all your items. Thanks again for the wonderful service."

From Janet, 4/6/2001: "I love browsing about your site and looking at all the wonderful pictures and great descriptions."

From Gretha, 4/13/2001: "I was viewing your site and it is just awesome!"

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