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Tasha's Babies

Full Body Silicone Newborn Babies

Malia In Light Bi-Racial Skin Color

Malia is a full sized anatomically correct full bodied solid silicone baby girl. She wears infant size 0-3 month clothing as well as some larger Preemie sizes. Hair can be rooted in customers choice of color as well as thickness. She also takes a magnetic pacifier. She is about 18 inches in length and weighs about 7 pounds. Malia will be coming home wearing her precious light pink embroidered Will'Beth dress set as well as Will'Beth knit socks, hand mitts, flower headband, magnetic pacifier, blanket and birth certificate.

The outfit may differ slightly according to trim availability, etc. The artist reserves the right to change outfits due to availability issues only if necessary. Malia will come as described above. Note: Some items in the pictures below are not included with Malia. The knit bunny hat and toy are for props only and do not come with her. Stuffed animals or toys are props only and are not included with her.

Your Malia is your custom made baby. Here are the items you should consider.

Eye color: Colors available are newborn brown, newborn blue, light blue.

Hair color: Black, dark, medium and light brown, blonde.

Rooting: Sparsely rooted, medium rooting, densely rooted.

Skin color: Caucasian, Light Bi-Racial, Dark Bi-Racial

Awake or asleep. 

Micah the Boy or Malia the Girl.

Special Doll Connection Price: $1,999.00. Click Adopt to send this newborn baby home to you now or call  Ann at 866-817-0795 (toll free). Click OrderOnline to order online now. Layaway and shipping available worldwide. These babies are exclusive to the Doll Connection Store! Shipping is free if shipped US domestic. For international customers, we allow a $20.00 US domestic shipping credit to help offset the international shipping expense to you. 

This Malia has is Asleep and in made with Light Bi-Racial Skin Color and densely rooted curly black hair.

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